Community and Public Health Nursing

A Community Nurse's Role

A community nurse might work in a variety of situations. In this aspect, the school and home health nurses share some activities; nonetheless, they have distinct roles and responsibilities such as observing, assessing, and treating people in their immediate surroundings.

Responsibilities of Home Health and School Nurses

Home health nurses and school nurses are both responsible for providing health and wellness education and assistance. Despite this, they both deal with a variety of ailments on a daily basis, ranging from minor wounds to complex illnesses that cause vomiting. Aside from that, they offer individuals counseling and support so that they may make the best health decisions (Bruce, 2015). These nurses offer education concerning nutrition and physical activities that are important for each person. Besides, they assess the people and treat them if they are suffering from either acute or chronic conditions. They keep the records of the patients and they consult the family to provide the necessary requirements for the patient.

Responsibilities of Home Health Nurses

The responsibility of the home health nurse is to visit the homes of the patients and see how they are faring on. Despite watching over the medical states of the individuals they also assist them in carrying out activities like eating, toileting and bathing. The home health nurse provides services such as wound care, enteral nutrition, pain management, and intravenous therapy (Nies, 2015). On the contrary, the school nurse provides only limited services and they are not involved in specialty services like the home health nurse. The role of the school nurse is only to the general screening of hearing, scoliosis, and vision.


In conclusion, community health nurses play a significant role in the promotion and sensitization of the community on healthy lifestyles. Every community nurse has particular roles in treating their patients and providing essential care and support.


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