Improving Employee Satisfaction and Reducing Turnover Rates in Nursing Homes

In nursing homes: Investigating variables that can raise nurses' levels of satisfaction

In nursing homes, nurse turnover is a major cause for worry because it has an impact on both the staff members' and patients' health. The goal of this proposal is to investigate variables that can raise nurses' levels of satisfaction as well as potential solutions to these problems in order to guarantee their comfort. To raise the morale of nurses, it is imperative to improve working circumstances, inspire them, and pay them well. In this proposal, I want to use academic journals to pinpoint problems that cause nursing care nurses to be undermotivated and offer solutions. The primary search will involve phone interviews with 10 nurses in 2 nursing homes to know their views about their working conditions. The report will suggests recommendations for giving incentive and improving working conditions of nurses to improve their overall performance.

Importance of job satisfaction for nurses in nursing homes

Job satisfaction is important for nurses working in nursing homes since their work is quite involving and require one to have great passion to work with the sick. Research has proved that absenteeism is very common and nurses give different excuses for not reporting to work. Some of them include ill health, stress, and fatigue. In addition, the staff turnover is very high, which affects the quality of care given to the patients leading to poor recovery. This proposal looks into factors that relate to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction for nursing homes employees and suggests recommendations for the same.

The benefits of the study

The benefits of this study include understanding of problems affecting nurses working in nursing homes including job satisfaction and quality of services given. It will also help in understanding the reasons for high turnover rate of employees in nursing homes and ways of reducing it. In addition, understanding the challenges the nurses go through during work and the financial needs will help in considering the importance of offering nurses higher salaries and other benefits such as training.

Research methodology

To understand the problem facing nurses in nursing homes both primary and secondary research will be carried out. The primary research will involves interviewing of 10 nursing employees in 2 nursing home via phone calls to establish their feelings about their job and work environment. Secondary research will involve multiple scholarly journals on nurse turnover and job satisfaction in nursing homes and the impact on the quality of service. To conduct this research, I will need resources such as money for phone calls and other research procedures amounting to $2000. I will need a period of 6 months to complete the entire process and come up with the necessary recommendations.

Timeline and delivery

The study will be ready in six months time once commenced and will give recommendations on ways to improve satisfaction of nurses and reduce their turnover rate. The proposal will be delivered on September 12, 2017 in printed form to the decision-making committee for approval.


The report will assist in improving the welfare of the nurses and I therefore request you to consider it and approve since it will benefit the community. The benefits of the study include promoting the wellbeing of the nurses working in nursing homes, reducing their turnover rate, and improving the quality of the services once the proposed recommendations are implemented.

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