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Application of Theory of Change in Cross Senior Care

There are a number of changes that are needed in this organization, which highly affects the elderly individuals. For example, these population needs nutritional interventions especially due to the fact that the individuals are old, and don’t have feeding mechanisms such as teeth. In addition, nursing care is needed, especially...

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The Impact of Globalization on Income Distribution

Globalization is a concept that has had various definitions from different scholars. Nonetheless, globalization has been widely accepted as the tightening of the worldwide interconnectedness in the various aspects of the modern day life. According to Bird " Stevens (2013), globalization can be perceived in business, social life, political systems,...

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Bullying in Higher Institutions of Education

For a long time now, people have been more conversant with bullying in high school. Few, when asked whether bullying exists in colleges and university, will say yes. The reason for this is that bullying in higher institutions of education is not talked about like the bullying that happens in...

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World Englishes

The world has in the recent past experienced the spread of English as the language of communication and therefore earning itself the title of a global language. The spread of the English language has however stimulated interesting and controversial debate about the status and varieties of English which are commonly...

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The Trip to LAX with My Friends

The trip to LAX with my friends is how our memorable experience started. On a significant day, we took a bus, twenty-five of us, and left San Diego for Lax. We were all excited and full of expectations about our destination and the trip in general. We arrived five hours...

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The Importance of Language in British Universities

British universities’ higher qualifications and education have an impressive international reputation. Students in these universities can develop their skills and potential as they enjoy a social life. Students who study in these universities also develop good language skills. British universities provide international students with language support depending on the level...

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The Role of Luck in Success

The concept of luck has been a chief source of controversy. People often attribute entrepreneurial success to skills and knowledge. Luck’s role in this success is often discounted. This is despite the fact that successful entrepreneurs are people who are averse to risks, and are willing to take advantage of...

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Security of Credit Cards and Debit Cards in Online Shopping

Online payment has gained huge international attraction because they have enable exchanges of money electronically. However, the use of credit card or debit card in online shopping poses a security threat (Rainie et al., 2013). Customers have raised the concerns of using these cards in online transactions. The security of...

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Flipping a Coin

People are willing to avoid making important decisions that are an argument between two people ends with the flipping of a coin. Making the right choice has always had a value in society regardless of the expectations of society. It may be the reason why a person aims always to...

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Benefits of Networking

A network can be defined as a group of computer systems and computer hardware devices that are interlinked via channels of communication that enable sharing of resources among multiple users and facilitate communication. A network allows sharing of operating programs on remote systems and sharing a single hardware device such...

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SAP Software Development

The vision behind SAP software development was to help businesses run better in a sustainable manner and improve people’s lives in line with the modern technology. The innovation was intended to tackle day to day economic, environmental and other social problems by providing necessary tools to create significant impact (SAP)....

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Growing up in India

We were a simple family of five; my parents and my two siblings, before we were joined by our cousin who was orphaned at an early age. My mother has not gone through school, and my dad is a Hindu priest and has a college equivalent degree. My younger brother...

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