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Generals Die in Bed by Charles Yale Harrison

Generals Die in Bed is a 1930 war novella written by Charles Yale Harrison, a former soldier himself. It details the horrific experience of a young soldier in the trenches during World War I. It was reissued for young adult audiences in 2002 by Annick Press and Penguin Books Australia….

Words: 305

Pages: 2

The Science Behind Déja Vu

Many believe that the feeling of déjà vu is caused by memory. And although memories are often on the tip of our tongues and in our minds, they’re not necessarily real. Cognitive psychologist Anne Cleary has investigated the nature of memory and the cause of deja vu, and found that…

Words: 569

Pages: 3

What Success Means To Me

My everyday routines revolve around achieving success. Nonetheless, depending on the context of the application, it may mean different things to different individuals. Essentially, not knowing exactly what success is to a person makes the achievement of success more difficult. As a result, it is important to have a good…

Words: 515

Pages: 2

Motivation and emotion

Motivation and emotion are often viewed as two aspects of psychology that seem to share a cause-and-effect relationship. Motivation is characterized as something that induces or drives a person to act and conduct in order to accomplish the desired goal, while emotions are the feelings that emerge from the motivation…

Words: 601

Pages: 3

How Some Facet of “Process Philosophy” Has Impacted American Government and/or Society

Process theory, also known as entity philosophy, connects spiritual truth with creation and transformation. It is linked to philosophers Charles Hartshorne and Alfred North Whitehead’s works. Philosophers after Aristotle and Plato have speculated true existence as “timeless,” dependent on unending objects, as processes are repudiated of timeless matter or material….

Words: 585

Pages: 3

Water and Its Impacts

Hydropower is a completely renewable source of energy and the water used to generate it can be replenished by the different cycles that comprise the water cycle (McKinney, Schoch, & Yonavjak, 2007). It is not, though, fully emission-free. On the one side, hydropower has many advantages: it is a comparatively…

Words: 1223

Pages: 5

Fossil Fuel Use problems

The solution to the problems of insufficient fossil fuels and their effect on the environment is to ensure that renewable energies play a significant role in the energy supply. Converting nuclear fuel, the earth’s fire, sunshine, and wind into electricity will meet the majority of the world’s energy needs in…

Words: 683

Pages: 3

the youth joining gangs

Throughout the country, the youth have become the most vulnerable age demographic in terms of gang recruiting. Despite steps taken to control the proliferation of gangs, the issue of juvenile street gangs has stood the test of time. Since many young adults are ambitious and have many unachieved aspirations, the…

Words: 1468

Pages: 6

Growing up

I grew up with a strong interest in nature, and as a child, I would assist domestic animals in my home anytime I saw them in distress. As a child, my father would take me to our farm, where he kept a herd of cattle, and I would watch him…

Words: 639

Pages: 3

My struggle with shyness

I used to be a shy little girl when I was younger. This shyness just showed up when I was around older adults and boys. My childhood memory isn’t worth recounting because of my shyness. Bullying and criticism were directed at me largely because of my behavior. I was regarded…

Words: 629

Pages: 3

Effect of Over Reliance on Mobile Technology on Relationships

All about us and how we communicate with our world is evolving as technology continues to become a part of us. According to, technology is a branch of science and knowledge that focuses on the creation of simpler and more technological ways of interacting with culture, civilization, and our immediate…

Words: 588

Pages: 3

ethical/racial profiling

Other security policies that have previously been implemented have failed, so ethnic profiling is needed. Israel has successfully implemented racial discrimination at their airports. Terrorists have historically been able to circumvent even the most stringent security steps. Racial discrimination seems legally justifiable when criminals devise different methods to circumvent new…

Words: 604

Pages: 3

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