Essays on Experience

Perception and Feeling

I had to challenge some of the concepts I felt were just common sense after this week’s lesson on feeling and interpretation and the interaction with reality discussed in Ted Talk. What science said seemed to logger’s heads for once in my life, with what I felt was an unquestionable…

Words: 380

Pages: 2

Diversity and Industrial Analysis

The following is the purpose of this paper: Identify the award used to complete the roster; employee breaks (included between each shift); (consecutive and not consecutive) days off (for all types of employees); rates of penalty for all types of employees; (per shift and per week) minimum hours for all…

Words: 102

Pages: 1

Digital Era and Successful Adult Learner

The definition of adult learning relates to the variety of non-formal, informal and formal learning activities carried out by adults, leading to new knowledge and skills being learned. Adult learners are identified as individuals over the age of seventeen years who are enrolled in universities or other official tertiary education…

Words: 1715

Pages: 7

Are we more alone because of technology?

The effect of technology on our everyday lives can not be overlooked. As part of our lives today, technology has a propensity to automate our tasks. With automation, our speed of life is quickly increasing. The dilemma is that the relentless speed of automated life alienates us from our family,…

Words: 362

Pages: 2

Driving and teenagers

US traffic accidents have entered a deplorable state, with more than thirty-eight thousand people killed in road accidents alone in 2015, with 4.4 million others injured, resulting in hospital consultations (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). According to IIHS, the majority of these incidents are caused by young drivers, leading to…

Words: 1077

Pages: 4

Higher Education Problems

Contemporary educational patterns continue to deteriorate, despite changes that have been adopted by most governments. While education is a key sector in the growth of the economy and society, there are many reasons why most education systems need to be reoriented. In particular, the standard and knowledge of education and…

Words: 951

Pages: 4

Being Successful in the Modern World

The success of the modern business world needs many important factors to be observed. Most of the time, company success and life success are two complex concepts. Whenever people start a new company, entrepreneurs also focus on how they operate the business and their best personal behaviour. In today’s world…

Words: 874

Pages: 4

Management of Security

A consciousness of vulnerabilities that an enterprise can face and of threats that endanger its activity is crucial in today’s dynamic free-market economical climate. Risks and weaknesses can include technology assaults, employee poaching by large corporations, vulnerabilities to lawsuits and corporate spying. Risk assessment and vulnerability evaluation ensures that any…

Words: 343

Pages: 2

Corporate Social Responsibility for Whole Foods and Green Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s responsibility for the impact of its operations and policies on culture, its prosperity, and the environment. Transparent, sustainable, and ethical policies aid in the strengthening of the environment as well as the development of the company’s image and brand (Sheth 46). Whole Foods…

Words: 349

Pages: 2


Relativism refers to the different approaches to arrive at a decision. Kuhn contends that there are no independent standards focused on particular knowledge or reality that assist in making a reasoned judgment. Instead, rational judgments are influenced by socioeconomic, societal, and historical factors, leading to relativism. Kuhn considers scientific theories…

Words: 627

Pages: 3

Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”

To Build a Fire, by Jack London, describes a man’s trip through a brutal winter in the snow, facing many problems along the way. The author employs characters, themes, and a blunt tone in the narrative to expose man’s battle against nature. Similarly, in general, human beings do not trust…

Words: 661

Pages: 3


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