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Young People Transitioning to Adulthood in Australia

Young People and Transition to Adulthood Young people are the most traumatized, disadvantaged, and vulnerable group in Australia, primarily because they have to face the transition phases characterized by numerous changes, such as home care to independent living. The process of growing up has fundamentally changed from how it was in...

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership and Employee Motivation Transformational leadership has been associated with positive organizational outcomes on different levels. In the employee context, for example, research evidence has on numerous occasions shown a strong positive link between this leadership style and employee motivation. While many other factors come into play in the performance...

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Quality Improvement Activities

This activity has been developed for the intermediate EHR student user. The student will review five patient charts from the EHR. Using “Plan, Do, Study/Check, Act” (PDSA/PDCA) students will analyze the documentation of consents in the chart for accuracy and quality. Quality management, performance improvement and initiatives within a healthcare...

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University Research Co., LLC

The world increasingly becoming competitive in all fields and enterprises. Individuals, business entities, non-profit organizations and other entities are all required to have a competitive advantage or risk prematurely exiting the market. University Research Co. LLC (URC), a US-based company has had a consistent growth and expansion outside the US....

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The Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The social media platform acts as a frontline in marketing goods and services in the business firms. Business industries can now access resources that were unavailable building worthiness and creating strategic relationships between the customers and suppliers through interaction. Understanding the social media is a rising necessity for business owners...

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The Satisfaction of Londoners with Amsterdam

The research employed both quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. The quantitative approach gave the statistics regarding the topic in question. The qualitative research focused on some of the reasons and opinions of the people regarding the tourism issue (Binkhorst and Den Dekker 2009, p. 311). The...

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The Importance of Technology in Restaurants

The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of technology in the restaurant industry particularly the importance of these innovations on the overall operations. The section provides results for the finding from the primary and secondary data collected regarding the research problem. Notably, the specific objectives that were...

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Impacts of Terrorist Attacks on People's Perception of London as a Touristic Destination

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the impacts of terroristic attacks on people’s perception of London as a tourism destination. The problem which the study intends to solve is to gauge the possibility of terror attacks affecting the London’s tourism especially noting that the industry employs several people...

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The Psychological, Emotional and Physical Results of Fatherhood

The psychological, emotional and physical results of fatherhood are evidently conditional on the context where they are living in. The study will wish to establish the existing interrelations between distinct contemporary kinds of fatherhood and paternal mental well-being. The data will be collected from subjects using the qualitative and quantitative...

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The Relationship Between Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Innovativeness

The objective of this study is to identify what elements of human capital determine entrepreneurial innovativeness and how the identified variables affect them individually regarding the intent to start own ventures. A total of eight interviews were conducted with a focus group and the individuals. The data was analyzed by...

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The Master of Healthcare Administration Program

The master of healthcare administration program has provided crucial insights that will help me achieve success in the health care industry. First, this curriculum has taught me how to make well-informed contributions and enabled me to educate my colleagues and even supervisors about the health care system. In essence, combining...

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The Role of Expatriates in the Performance of Subsidiaries

The major theme under discussion is the role of expatriates to determine the performance of the subsidiaries. In this case, expatriates refer to the nationals in a foreign country while subsidiaries refer to the business branches of a parent company operating in a foreign nation (the different state from that...

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