Essays on Adulthood

Friendship in Adulthood

Friendship is a relationship between people with mutual affection. Friendship goes beyond association it is a powerful form of interpersonal bond. Various academic fields have tried to study friendship, some of these fields include; equity theory, attachment styles, social exchange theory and relational dialectics. Despite having various forms of friendships,...

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Child Development Morality and Culture

Culture has a big influence on moral development. From birth to adulthood, the primary focus of moral development is on emergence, transformation, and moral insight. According to Lee and Johnson (2007), morality is the ability to distinguish between the good and the bad and the awareness of how to make...

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willis lamb's she's come undone

The title She's Come simply means that she has reached the age of majority. Dolores passé, the main character in this novel, has been through a lot of experiences from childhood to adulthood. Hers is a neurological and mental journey from adolescence to adulthood. Many incidents occur that either positively...

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The stages of growth in human life

There are a variety of sources and descriptions for the phases of human development. Erik Erikson, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lev Vygotsky, and Jean Piaget are some of the theorists who have contributed to a deeper understanding of development by offering more helpful knowledge about the essence and process of development from...

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Comparison between Childhood and Adulthood

Introduction There are ranges of life as one grows, with similarities and differences in each. They can further be divided into two classes comprising children and adults. How life is lived at these two stages are distinct but specific aspects of how the thought behaves and how it reasons situations can...

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I'm trying to figure out what a person goes through in terms of physical and mental development. Over the years, research and studies have been conducted on the physical and mental changes that occur, particularly during adulthood. The majority of studies claim that intelligence is not determined by one's age...

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Identifying oneself

The Spatiotemporal Continuity Theory The spatiotemporal continuity theory, which argues for the continuity of identity over time for both inanimate and animate objects based on a continuous sequence of life and shift in states that these objects experience under particular observations, is one scientific theory that bases personal identity on natural...

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Adult Mental Issues/Mental State Affected by Child Abuse

To see whether child abuse impacts people in their adult lives or not It should be remembered that the diagnostic results indicate no psychological consequences of child abuse. In addition, this can lead to child abuse. The correlation between child abuse and psychological disease is nevertheless known because many adults who...

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The transition to adulthood

The Move to Adulthood The move to adulthood is a milestone of multiple obstacles. First, it tells me that without having to consult the parents, I am going to make important decisions on my own. For example, it was up to me to opt for a job that could support me...

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