The transition to adulthood

The Move to Adulthood

The move to adulthood is a milestone of multiple obstacles. First, it tells me that without having to consult the parents, I am going to make important decisions on my own. For example, it was up to me to opt for a job that could support me or attend college. A decision about the main school that will meet my or my parent's wishes and the chance to select my friends' company wisely, when pursuing my studies.

Second, I have to become independent is setting the goals of life and ensuring that they are met within a specified period to affect my life positively.

Third, I feel the impact of having to work single-handedly on the societal efforts to enhance my transition into college, careers, and family. Furthermore, having to leave my friends and begin making appropriate choices in life and live up to the societal expectations.

Making Life Choices in Pursuing College Education

In making the life choices as I pursue my college education, there is a tendency to set lofty and overly optimistic goals that could be hard to achieve and end up demotivating me. Moreover, I tend to engage in habits such as attending night parties, taking alcohol and staying out late just because I have an opportunity to make my own decisions. The choice to engage in night parties and romantic relationships in college could be an obstacle since it will interfere with my focus on achieving my future dream of pursuing a graduate degree. As such, I would be forced to look for odd jobs that would sustain me after college because with a fail I would not get a scholarship to graduate school. More so, an early pregnancy could be an obstacle to continue with education and career since I would be forced to focus my attention on the child and family. In addition, I have a tendency of procrastination. It has hugely affected me even through my high school. I feel like I need to change this habit for me to prosper in my future life as an adult.

The Right Social Behavior Choices

The right social behavior choices I made in my pre-college life are the willingness to listen to the advice given by my parents concerning taking alcohol and failure to have unhealthy romantic relationships. The decisions to wait until I was at the right age to start relating preventing me from having unwanted pregnancies and also pursue my high school and pre-college years without distractions. I had a chance to focus on my high school education until I attained the required grade to join the college of my choice.

On the other hand, there were bad choices that I made that significantly affected my social life even through college. First, the decision to trust and stick to one friend, Alex, denied me an opportunity to have established healthy friendships in my adolescence years. As such, I felt lonely in my first semester in college when we lost touch. Second, I did not make close interactions with my siblings which led to a more significant drift when I joined the university. This brought about an adverse outcome since my younger sister got into a relationship and became pregnant in her high school years and dropped out of school without giving her the needed advice.

Making the Right Decisions

First, I can make the right decision on lifestyle and education. I will ensure I engage in leisure and fun activities only when it is necessary and take enough time to plan my studies and work on my assignments to avoid pressure and stress. Making a choice not to go out partying late into the night and not to consume alcohol will be important in influencing my values. Second, engaging in healthy eating habits will be essential to reduce unbalanced college choices while reducing the risk of developing health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Third, not engaging in romantic relationships in college will also go a long way in lowering heartbreaks and unhealthy social decisions. Since I plan to experience a lifetime partnership and get married someday, I need to concentrate on my job and graduate classes as I hope for the right partner without engaging in unhealthy relationships.

The Parent/Child Relationship

The affection with my parents may be lost in the adolescent years as I seek closer relationships and affirmation from friends. However, as I progress to early adulthood, the parent/child relationship changes its closeness as I understand that I need to become more independent. I make my choices without having to consult them while I also need to look for a job to help in catering for my needs. In my adolescence, I did not want my parents to get involved in any of my activities; I just wanted to be left to soldier on alone even if I was in the wrong. Therefore, the parent/child relationship was slightly distant. As life progresses into adulthood, I have become tightly attached to my parents since I look up to them for advice on the decision made in my early adulthood years. Thus, I have developed very close relations with my parents. Furthermore, in relating young adulthood and marriage, I recognize their desire for me to prosper and create even better attachment and understanding.

Social and Emotional Development

As I mature, my social and emotional development will most likely be unaltered. I will tend to stay close to my peers and still engage in specific activities together. The stability of this development will suffer greatly in situations where I will have to leave my peers due to unavoidable circumstances and make new friends. Another development that is likely to remain the same is cognition. My focus on attaining particular career and family goals might be the same throughout adulthood. The stability of this development can be challenged by failure to achieve the objectives and subsequent alteration of the life goal. However, I will have a better understanding of the situations in life while I make necessary decisions in family and career.

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