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World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs

Dr. Beck introduces the video “World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs.” My first impression of the video was that it was intended to demonstrate how immigration raises the level of poverty in the United States (the host). However, after paying careful attention to the presentation, I found that Dr. Beck has…

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American Lit Social Realism

Battle prayer is a criticism of war and how people use patriotism and faith as motivators. The poem criticizes how people pray to Heaven for their troops while forgetting the second prayer they wished but did not voice loudly; the prayer of massive devastation and pain for their enemies. Citizens…

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about sara smolinsky

Sara’s whole life has been surrounded by the unending urge to become a real human. Sara claims she should be unreachable, that she should be good and content. In her early years, she believed that wealth was the most important prerequisite for success and happiness. According to Sara, actual people…

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The Turning Point in My Literacy Journey.

My family is packed with language and literature lovers, from my parents to my brothers. One may be forgiven for thinking that I was interested in improving my reading skills from a young age. As many individuals who have had a variety of life experiences, most views, ideals, or desires…

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Famine, Prosperity, and Morality

Famine, Affluence, and Morality author Peter Singer emphasized the importance of benevolence and generosity toward those who were impoverished and destitute. I’ll start by going over the basics of Singer’s arguments in this paper. Second, I’ll attempt to evaluate Singer’s arguments in terms of moral considerations. Following that, I’ll defend…

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In The Piano Lesson, by August Wilson, The characters Boy Willie and Berniece disagree

The characters Boy Willie and Berniece in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson argue over selling the family piano. Boy Willie and Berniece both say they have the right to decide what happens to the piano. Berniece has a strong emotional attachment to the piano since it is a family heirloom….

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About global warming

The debate about global warming has raged on for decades. Some claim that man is recklessly damaging the planet’s capacity to support human life by releasing increasing levels of carbon dioxide, resulting in what is known as a “greenhouse effect.” This effect causes the environment that protects the earth to…

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The Importance of Animals in Scientific Research

Because of the ever-increasing demand for medicine and veterinary health, biomedical research is more critical than ever. Animals are widely acknowledged to play an important part in scientific science around the world. According to the British Royal Society (1), “virtually any medical success of the last century has relied in…

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a big lie

It was only later that I realized it was all a huge lie. For all those years, I thought he was gone for good. I knew at the back of my mind that we would never see each other again. As a result, I spent those months weeping alone in…

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Reaction to Religions Around the World

Before reading this post, it will be difficult to comprehend how the world’s religions are organized. I’ve discovered that the world’s religions are divided into small communities. Smith claims that the religious system is made up of small communities for better communication (365). People of similar ethnic backgrounds were also…

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Capital punishment significance

If a person commits a criminal offense, he or she faces the death penalty. For a long time, many states used the death penalty to punish criminals for minor offenses by stoning, impaling, drowning, or crucifixion (Collier 1). However, in recent decades, the topic has caused controversy, with some individuals…

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First Person Experience about Going on a Cruise to the Bahamas

When my dad took me to the port, at the same time, I was nervous and overjoyed. That was going to be my first trip on a cruise. My pal Tony has come along. My dad had offered to take me to the dock the night before, saying he wanted…

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