First Person Experience about Going on a Cruise to the Bahamas

When my dad took me to the port, at the same time, I was nervous and overjoyed. That was going to be my first trip on a cruise. My pal Tony has come along. My dad had offered to take me to the dock the night before, saying he wanted to get rid of me for a bit. No one has trusted him. As we drove, I was apprehensive and started asking myself such questions as: how would I get used to being around thousands of people on a giant ship right in the middle of the ocean? Will I enjoy the food? Are”ill I enjoy the food? Are the cabins like hotel rooms? Is it a safe manner of traveling? And will there be enough fun? Most of these questions evaporated out of mind the moment I took a walk around the vessel. It was an adventure by itself, discovering the inside of this vessel floating across the ocean.

I was astonished to see to see the inside of the gigantic vessel. I did not feel at all like I was on the inside of a boat. I felt like I was in a luxury hotel with crystal stairs and see-through elevators. With a pianist playing a soothing tune in the lobby, I couldn’t think of it as anything else apart from a big luxury moving hotel. My balcony room was simply breathtaking with a safe box, comfortable bed, minibar, air conditioned, a pleasant but small bathroom and movies on demand. The balcony immediately became our favorite relaxation spot, especially when having a drink early in the morning or in the evening with the wide expanse view of the sea stretching out to infinity.
I remember in particular the second day of the cruise because I treated myself right there on the balcony with a body massage. There is something breathtaking, almost heavenly with a massage watching the endless waves roll in from the horizon. The feeling of being soothed is so peaceful that I felt like I didn_x0092_t want to breathe lest I disrupt the feeling. Moreover, it was a battle of wits between being soothed to sleep and wanting to stay awake to soak at the moment. In the end, it was a sort of a compromise as lay there almost semi-conscious with my body rocking on the waves while my mind was rocking on the crest of the endless waves.
The first thing I realized is that life in the ship does not have boring moments. The entertainment programs run throughout the day on board. I have to mention the food because I love a well-cooked meal. The four restaurants were enough to give a variety of cuisines ranging from French, Italian and Mexican. I ate from all of them. Moreover, the ship had more than ten bars; I personally liked the pool bar. On top of that, there were five pools to choose from, two gyms, tennis and basketball facilities. It was a form of non-stop entertainment, food and drinks. The good thing about most of these forms of entertainment is that one almost has access to the balcony, an added incentive to everyone attending these facilities.
One of the unpleasant experiences around the ship is that the boat feels a little bit overcrowded. The pools and the restaurants were quite noisy and crowded as the little ones run around these facilities almost constantly as they want to run back to the pool and scream. Moreover, it took me a few days to know how to get from one point to another in the giant boat.
Luck was on my side throughout the voyage because despite having medication for sea sickness, I didn_x0092_t use it, not even once. I could hardly tell I was in a boat. The human element never left the ship because, above everything else, the excitement of the families, the smiles of the children and the image of cities along the way always comes to mind. It was especially very beautiful at night around the pool with all those people enjoying themselves and the neon lights illuminating the venues. Often, I would imagine how the deck looked from above.
I cannot quite go over my experience without going back to my cabin. Because I often like sitting by myself and thinking deep and long, the balcony immediately became my friend and companion. While Andrew was probably yelling in the bar or the pool, I would sneak back and enjoy the dim-lit coastlines and the waves. Even the salt wasn_x0092_t bad either. I remember looking out into the ocean and imagining the creatures moving around under the waves, some of which were of mysterious forms like the ones I see on National Geographic. The voyage on the cruise was so wonderful that I often felt guilty of forgetting everyone back at home, especially my dad who I was sure was missing me terribly.

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