Essays on Geography

DEPTHX Project

Stone Aerospace created the autonomous underwater vehicle known as the Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer. For independent investigation and mapping of underwater cavities in Mexico, the DEPTHX was designed. Additionally, water sample collection was intended. NASA provided funding for this research with the intention of creating the tools necessary to carry…

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Endangered Species

The Chambered nautilus, a mollusk belonging to the genus Nautilus, shall be the species that is discussed in accordance with the aforementioned subsection. The habitat of the species is primarily comprised of oceans and other bodies of water. Rarely do they inhabit inland water ecosystems like ponds, lakes, and rivers….

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About The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Have you ever wondered where the trash that is washed off the coasts and transported by rivers and sewers from homes and businesses ends up? In the oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water, this debris is dumped, and after a while, it gathers in one spot to form a…

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Is Population Growth A Threat Or Benefit To Global Sustainability?

In large part, the danger to sustainability comes from population growth. An rise in human population would place additional strain on the planet’s resources, endangering the sustainability of the environment (Albrectsen, 2013). Land and water are scarce resources that get scarcer per person as the population grows. Currently, the world…

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Photography exhibition proposal

This proposal includes two photographs from modern photography as well as two proposals. They do, though, share a common thread in modernity and history. The two photographs reflect the complex society that exists in the twenty-first century. The humanities, on the other hand, use a variety of subject matter to…

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tradition and african culture

Continental drift is the rotation of the earth’s continents relative to each other, causing them to drift transversely on the ocean floor (Walton, 2013). In other terms, continental drift is a term used to explain how geologists thought continents drifted over time. Abraham Ortelius explained the theory that continents had…

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Slavery and Abolition

August Wilson wrote the book Gem of the Ocean, which is about the life of African-Americans in the twentieth century. The job is a holding showiness, with incidents that drive into the spot like confound bits and dialects that are a furious scream from the psyche and heart, illuminating and…

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Earth and Atmosphere

According to recent scientific studies, people in high altitude regions are generally healthier and more intelligent than those in sea-level areas. When compared to low-altitude areas, elevated areas have a lower atmosphere or barometric pressure. The weight exerted on the earth’s surface by the atmosphere or air is known as…

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The Hydrologic Cycle

The hydrologic cycle is the constant movement of water on, below, and beneath the Earth’s surface, as well as in the lithosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere (Ransom, 2016). On the other hand, the cycle does not affect the volume of water on Earth; rather, it affects the partitions in which it…

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A Night at Tram Safari

Event planners normally go to great lengths to ensure that attendees remember the event for a long time. It’s not easy to stand out on a cold night by creating an atmosphere. Giving participants something to remember, such as a t-shirt or a key chain, can help them remember the…

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Michel Foucault

Foucault can neither give an explanation for nor understand the reason why the sovereign rule has deduced power over lifestyles and the right to death that he witnesses and survives in a community that is nevertheless waged with bloody wars in the West, however, he learns that death penalty which…

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Mountain Everest

The summit of Mount Everest is covered by a layer of rock-hard snow. The snow level fluctuates by as much as five feet every year. It is at its highest in September after the monsoon and at its lowest in May after the winter winds. Climbers often face extreme weather…

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