Essays on African American Culture


According to Morrison's quotation, whiter authors discredit the works of black writers, which has had an impact on American literature. Morrison believes that because American authors control the writing industry, blacks are underrepresented in American literature. Because Americans have dominated the field, only a few African Americans have achieved success...

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About Black Walnut Tree

The Black Walnut Tree: An Important Commercial Crop The black walnut tree is an important and valuable commercial crop in North America. Native to Eastern United States, it thrives in riparian areas and also holds a special place in the culture of the Apache people. The raw nuts of the black...

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American History and Hip-Hop music

Hip-hop culture emerged as an urban shockwave in the late 1970s from the Bronx, New York, as a result of global instability that allegedly ignored black Americans and Latinos. Although the Bronx was instrumental in the development of Hip Hop, it continues to be an integral part of black American...

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The African American Modern and Hip Dance

American Urban Dance: A Fusion of Cultures American dance style that evolved from African American and Latino youths in the 19th century was the focus of the lecture. In this type of dancing, the dancers are to engage in some vernacular contemporary movements that are usually improvised with social intent. The...

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African American Culture and History through powerful artworks

The emergence of an artwork, an artist or an idea depends on the ideas that were first conceived earlier in time by the inventors. For instance, modern photography has developed enormously due to the improvement in technology among others. The artist of the past has shaped the way modern day...

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Black Liberation

The movement for Black Empowerment in America has been through many stages that can be considered different and distinct. Black liberation has been a relentless fight for free African Americans, which began in the age of slavery, led to civil war, saw racial segregation outlawed, and led to the gaining...

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