Essays on Western Civilization

History of the western civilization

The Transition of European Nations The transition of the European nations from the medieval era s practices to modernity occurred during the period of western culture. The period was when the area surpassed other parts of the globe in terms of economic dominance. Examining the Rise of the West The study examines the...

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Warner Robins city

The Rigby's as an Escape from Hectic City Life The Rigby's provides a dual environment in the midst of the city, acting as a barrier between the comforts of Mother Nature and the hectic city life that is a hallmark of western civilization. Men have discovered that the Rigby Center serves...

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The Roman Empire

A significant social and governmental organization in the development of western civilization was the Roman Empire. Emperor Diocletian ruled from the Rome-based central government headquarters after dividing the kingdom into the Western kingdom and the Eastern Empire. (Blagg, and Millett 50). The Roman Empire was founded by Augustus Caesar, the...

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Civilization history

The Concept of Civilization The era of human development where people are viewed as more sophisticated and advanced is known as civilization. Additionally, it is described as the method by which a particular society advances to a higher degree of social status. The advancement that people and their societies have made...

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Augustine Hippo Philosopher

Augustine Hippo was an early philosopher and theologian who made significant contributions to the development of Western philosophy and Christianity. After the church introduced Trinity doctrine, Augustine wrote about it. In the early church, individuals were trying to understand the notion of Trinity and its application in gospel preaching. As...

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When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Worldwide Order The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Worldwide Order raised concerns about Asian modernity and China's ascent as a global power. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in globalization...

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The Cyber Security Education

The Focus of Advancement in the United States’ Civilization The focus of advancement in the United States’ civilization is critical infrastructure. The country’s economic and national security rely on the smooth operation of key infrastructure that was once independent and not connected to the internet (AlDosari, 2017 p 289). Threats and...

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The influence of Italian Art & culture in the world."

Italy is regarded as the birthplace of Western civilization and a cultural superpower (Manzi, p.65). The European Integration, the Risorgimento, the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical system, the Roman Empire, and Magna Graecia all had their origins in Italy. Throughout its history, the nation has produced a staggering number of...

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Sincerity and Authenticity; Social Media

Lionel Trilling's book, based on lectures he gave at Harvard University, is titled Truth and Authenticity. He claimed that western civilization had developed from concepts of morality known as sincerity to a formulation of morality known as authenticity, which was embraced and esteemed in the modern period. Authenticity can be...

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the role of women then and now

In Western society, the national movement for women's liberation In Western society, the national movement for women's liberation emerges in the second half of the nineteenth century, when women first manifest as autonomous organized political power. The term feminism, which means "women's liberation," was first used in political debates (Hannam, 2007). Equitable...

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St. Paul's Influence on Western Civilization

Impact of St. Paul on Western Civilization Despite a long history of obliviousness or outright rejection of St. Paul's contributions to Western Civilization, the positive influence of his contributions can be found in Western Civilization's rich history and culture. The fine arts, literature, language, and individual behaviors enjoyed in Western Civilization...

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Western Civilization Paper

Question 1 Galileo claims that God is the universe's creator and all that exists within it. These inventions are literally embodied in the Bible, and it is the responsibility of humans to decipher God's work and to elaborate the true nature of the universe (Galilei, n.d). According to the preceding reason,...

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