Essays on Youth Culture

Video Games and Female Gender Stereotype

Although the video game characters are viewed as role models in contemporary youth culture, little research has been done on how they relate to gender stereotypes and gender portrayal. Male characters are more likely to be aggressive than female characters, with male characters 84% more likely to be hostile than…

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The Origins, Development, and Influences of Youth Culture

Youth culture is the societal norms that shape children, adolescents, and young adults. The norms, values, and symbolic systems shared by this demographic are distinct from those found in adult culture. As a result, there are many theories on the origins, development, and influences of this culture. This article will…

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The Origins, Genius, and Evolving Nature of Youth Culture

Youth culture is the shared societal norms of children, adolescents, and young adults. It consists of symbolic systems and processes that are common to this demographic, and differs from adult culture in a number of ways. Let’s explore the origins, genesis, and evolving nature of youth culture. The definition of…

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