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The 19th Century Views on Women’s Reproductive Solutions

The study of women’s reproductive options is not new, as may be seen in the 21st century, but the contentious ideology between the sexes dates back as far as Methuselah. Through history, culture has viewed women as passive, child-bearing beings incapable of exercising their conscience to make important choices that…

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Obesity as social phenomena

People wonder if obesity is a social phenomena in the twenty-first century after observing how events are developing in today’s society. As a result, many people are becoming more conscious of their body weight, and dietary recommendations and other clinical approaches are becoming more prevalent, despite the fact that physicians…

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The Cultural Consequences of Language Extinction

It is widely acknowledged that biodiversity is disappearing in the globe of the twenty-first century. Most people are unaware, nevertheless, that even cultural diversity in terms of language is disappearing. More people are finding it more convenient to communicate in a common language as a result of globalization. Because of…

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About Generic Disorders

The fast occurrence of disorders like Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cystic fibrosis in youngsters is one of the hallmarks of the 21st century. It should be emphasized that they have intensified into a serious issue in the present day. According to the most recent data available, about one in…

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Cancer in 21st Century

In the US, bladder cancer accounts for around 7% of all cancer cases and accounts for about 3% of all fatalities (Kumar and Robbins 662). Urothelial carcinomas account for around 90% of bladder malignancies, which are the most common type. With a 3:1 male to female ratio, men are more…

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Extended Definition of Millennial

The word millennial is taken from centuries. As an adjective, millennial refers to or denotes a time period of a thousand years. It may even refer to a thousand-year anniversary. As a noun, the word millennial refers to an individual approaching young adulthood in the early twenty-first century (Helping Millennials…

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The Police Discretion in a Militarized Police Force

Officers of the law have viewed the twenty-first century as a time for some of the most sophisticated judicial controls, including full oversight of all acts taken. In an age where police departments in the United States have become heavily militarized, police discretion has become a contentious issue. Police discretion…

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Universities do not exclude speakers whose viewpoints are abhorrent from camps.

In the twenty-first century, there have been many discussions in various countries around the world about what hate speech and free speech really mean. This has sparked debate on several big campuses around the world, including UC Berkeley. The most vexing question is not only determining whether speech is free…

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Research Paper

Fashion refers to shifts in style and has been portrayed in a variety of ways, including bold, classy, fickle, and vain. Fashion is the most influential art form in the twenty-first century since it encompasses multiple fields such as architecture and fashion to reflect various identities through visions and aesthetics….

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Simplism is the art of oversimplifying problems of culture that may have been considered difficult in previous centuries by simplifying complicating variables. This 21st-century trend, initiated by Paulo Freire in his book Pedagogy of Commitment, depicts a drastic shift from a complicated society to a free and straightforward world through…

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The media has emerged as one of the most influential powers in a 21st-century participatory society. Although representations of music, film, and video have not necessarily reflected absolute truth, they have had a long-lasting role in objectifying attitudes. The media has influenced a multitude of societal topics by weaving together…

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Media and digital practices on the contemporal ideas of bodies and sexuality

Media and internet platforms are 21st-century creations of human innovation that have had a significant effect on a variety of social aspects, including sexuality and human anatomy. They have either made data collection methods more effective or have resulted in data distortion to match a certain story or agenda. Social…

Words: 1899

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