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21St Century

In this 21St Century, the use of technology has become a central part of the lives of almost all individuals. Particularly, the use of social media is step by step changing the way people communicate, interact and additionally the ability to have strong interpersonal bonds. Biologically, the continuous use of…

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21st Century Literacy

It is undeniable that the global use of smartphones has increased in the twenty-first century. Smartphone technology is being used in a variety of fields and industries to improve efficiency and productivity. Many healthcare institutions and organizations have followed suit, adopting smartphone technology as well. Hospitals are incorporating this technology…

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About the Iphone

With digitalization sweeping the globe in the twenty-first century, people continue to explore ways to remain connected to technology without carrying bulky devices. Human practices and connectivity have been largely reliant on technologies as well. If you are searching for a cell phone that is not only usable with modern…

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Extended Definition of Millennial

The word millennial is taken from centuries. As an adjective, millennial refers to or denotes a time period of a thousand years. It may even refer to a thousand-year anniversary. As a noun, the word millennial refers to an individual approaching young adulthood in the early twenty-first century (Helping Millennials…

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Instagram ad

The biggest invention of the twenty-first century is social media. Technological advancements aided in the creation of the platform. Significant advancements in the industry have resulted in more sophisticated and real-time platforms. Instagram is a new social media site that encourages users to share their stories through a series of…

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The US Has Been Declining Because of Low Income

Because of low wages, the middle class in the United States has been shrinking since the late twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. As a consequence, society is split into two ruling classes: (the haves) and (the have nots). Historically, three trends have affected middle-class incomes: how productivity has…

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White Collar Crime (Cyber Crimes) in 21st Century

Society is being heavily reliant on technology and the internet in the twenty-first century, which simplifies jobs by automating many tasks. While people’s reliance on computer networks has changed their lives, it also raises concerns about the protection of knowledge exchanged. The increased global connectivity has also resulted in a…

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Making America greater

Making America Great in the Twenty-First Century seeks to improve the country’s democratic, financial, and socioeconomic conditions, which seem to be deteriorating. The steps needed to make America strong in the twenty-first century must concentrate on its fiscal, social, and political foundations. Agriculture is needed to ensure a sufficient food…

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Learners with Special Needs assistive technology

Following the invention of the machine in the late twentieth century, the twenty-first century has seen a modern transformation. Various forms of technologies have been invented and can be used in various areas such as surgery, transportation, and government. Technology has provided a huge boost in the education field because…

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A profession that has been central to several events

In the twenty-first century, it is possible to believe that the provision of knowledge has become invaluable to civilization and that it has become a struggle to regulate the kind of information available to the public. The media have been instrumental in many terrorist activities through widespread media reports and…

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same sex marriage and american attitudes

With many controversies on the topic, American attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the twenty-first century have been more nuanced and controversial. For some years, same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue in America, with some people endorsing it and some against it. In reality, the explosion of gay and lesbian…

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