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Swedish Fashion Marketing Strategies

Write a brief description of the research topic under consideration. The research topic is ‘contemporary marketing strategies for luxury fashion brands in Sweden’. This topic guides and describes the purpose and goal of the study, which is explore the current marketing methods used by Sweden fashion companies to impact sales of...

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Impact of Computer Generated Images Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry

The Study Examined Impact of Computer Generated Images Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry In order to formulate results, a qualitative approach was used where 100 respondents including; Instagram account holders, retailers and designers, and representatives from fashion agency. A thematic method was used to analyse the data since it provided...

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Competitiveness Analysis of Pakistan Fashion Industry

The expansion of business to the global market is a vital growth strategy for fashion brands (Harris 2018). By joining the global market, the fashion entrepreneurs can benefit from many advantages of having a broad demand for their goods. There are also various challenges that the fashion entrepreneurs might face...

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Customization Trends in the Fashion Industry

The dynamic nature of human behavior and consumerism The dynamic nature of human behavior, particularly consumerism compels the contemporary firms to adopt sensitive and responsive approaches to meet customer needs and requirements. In so doing, firms, including the fashion sector have opted to embrace a customized culture, a notable initiative that...

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Investigating The Opportunities And Risks That Zara Would Encounter When Expanding Into The Pakistani Market In The Near Future And Providing Recommendations

Investigating the opportunities and risks that Zara would encounter when expanding into the Pakistani market in the near future and providing recommendations Literature Review This chapter will encompass various research which has been conducted by multiple types of research on the field of this study. The chapter will focus on the critical...

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Impact of Social Media on Fashion Retail Industry

Introduction: Using Social Media as a Fashion Marketer makes the task of advertising very easy. The influence of social media on fashion industry has become very strong since last decade and a considerable achievement has been observed. Businesses have adopted social media as an upgradation gadget. Fashion industry is frequent...

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The Importance of Graphic Design in Fashion

Fashion can be defined as popular trend or style in clothing, lifestyle, hairstyle, footwear and accessories. While the term can be used in many of the contexts described, it common use is in clothing (McRobbie 3). From the rococo and baroque fashions of the 1700s to the hipsters of the...

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Reasons for Expansion of Fashion Brands in Pakistan

Fashion brands internalization refers to the steps taken by a fashion brand to expand its operations in a foreign country. Internationalization is one of the essential growth strategies that the fashion brands can adopt (Harris 2018). By joining the global market, the fashion entrepreneurs can benefit from the many advantages...

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The Psychology of Fashion

According to Kaiser (2004), the psychology of fashion can be defined as the way of utilising and integrating fashion industry science and human psychology to come up with a curative tool that will assist humans in developing desirable self-perception, personal mood and good behaviour. Hannover and Kuhnen (2002) further suggest...

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Marc Jacobs and The End of Fashion

The New York Times Homepage The New York Times homepage is broad with extensive information including advertisements, articles headlines, breaking news as well as other news. The layout is further organized in various sections such as news, editorials, arts, business, travel, fashion, and more features. There is also a search button...

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Fashion Explained

Fashion as an Expression Fashion is a word that has a significant meaning in my daily life. With each passing day of my life apart from studies, my mind has always deviated and thought about fashion. From choosing the clothes to wear each day, to accessories as well as shoes. Makeup...

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The Concept of Image Perception in Fashion

The current world dispensation focuses on the surface, and people rarely scrutinize to go deeper and find the meaning behind an assertion, an object, a display or even an image. The saying that first impressions matter is based on the facts that how people see others determines treatment in their...

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