Essays on Marketing Plan

Application of the E-Marketing Mix 4P to Analyze the Most Important Factor Determining Hong Kong Female Undergraduates to Purchase Online Korean Fashion

The tremendous change in technology has significantly transformed the way businesses activities are conducted across the world through enhancing marketing and selling practices. Over the recent period, advancement in technology has increased e-commerce since it allows manufacturers to access customers from a different dynamic of the world (Shin and Lee...

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The Impact of Social Media on Destination Image and Selection

The Internet has revolutionized global business in the 21st century. It has improved the speed of connecting to the customers international, cost effective in terms of the economies of scale and provided promising avenues to venture and promote in novel business opportunities to many customers globally (Boulianne 2017, p. 5)....

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Analysis of the Impact of Internet Marketing on Small Firms

In this age of technology, internet marketing is vital since the majority of customers use the internet regularly which creates an opportunity for firms to reach them. Companies thus need strategies which will enable them to reach these customers and effectively advertise their goods and services to them. This study...

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How Online Marketing Has Had A Negative Impact On Revenue Generation On Radio Stations

Description of dissertation topic. The more detail here the better! For the past ten years the use of the internet has increased by about 2000% globally and its use has enabled the planet to a global village where news travel instantaneously. Marketers have resulted to use the internet especially social media...

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Use of Emotions in Adverts

Marketing is a way of appealing to and satisfying the customer needs through advertising so as to increase the sales. Psychological research shows that most people, without regard to demographics, tend to make impulse buying of goods depending on the kind of method used to advertize. Marketers capitalize on strategies...

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The Morally Relevant Stakeholders

The Morally Relevant Stakeholders The morally relevant stakeholders are potential customers, company owners/stakeholders, company employees, member of the society, the media, suppliers, and the local the government or legal bodies concerned about the specific nature of the business. Customers and Reputation They are morally relevant because they have a significant influence on the...

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Strategic Location for Business

Choosing a location for a business is a vital process that affects the operations and performance both in the short and long run. Generally, it s advisable for business to be strategically located in order to attract customers and be accessible for easy supply of materials. Rahayu, Putri...

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Analysis of 2008 Presidential Campaign Ads

The 2008 Presidential campaign Ads pitted Democrats candidate John McCain and Barrack Obama. In one of the ads, McCain uses the ads to demonstrate Obama as extravagant celebrity. In this regard, the tax ad refers his competitor as a wasteful personality who does not care about the budget of the...

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The Role of Marketing Manager

1. Job boards and advertising: this step entails all the expenses that are related to posting the open position as candidates are being sourced. It includes all job boards as well as any other paid recruiting accounts of the company such as LinkedIn Premium....

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Sugary Drinks Marketing to Children is Immoral

Different ethical principles Different ethical principles guide people on what they should do at any given time, and in different situations. One of the areas where companies have often faced challenges is targeting children with sugary drinks during adverts. At a tender age, children should be subjected to healthy foods that...

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Advantages of Online Marketing

In order to effectively market the products that target customers based on the age demography of 18-26. There is a need to ensure that the best advertising strategies are used. The product being new apparel, it is of great essence to use strategies that are meant to inform, encourage and...

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The Forms of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing involves the application of digital technologies in the advertisement and marketing of a particular brand/product. Advertisement and Marketing is aimed at reaching out to potential consumers of a product and convince them into purchasing the product by providing information. Digital marketing is an emerging trend that is rapidly...

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