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Marketing is a critical process of gaining a comparative edge over other businesses (Berthon, Pitt, Plangger, & Shapiro, 2012). Different businesses have different marketing campaigns in place to entice more customers to buy their services and goods. A given firm’s marketing strategy would include its long-term, short-term, and core activities…

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marketing mix

A marketing mix is a set of strategies used by businesses to accomplish their marketing goals in a specific region. It is made up of the seven Ps of marketing: product, price, advertising, location, individuals, method, and physical proof (Siguaw & Judy A, 129-133). This discussion would go deeply into…

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Description Essay

In 2015, I was working as a communications and distribution representative for a multinational corporation. One of our coworkers, a member of the marketing and sales department, was always complaining about our working hours, pay ranges, and promotions. We were to carry out a project in which we would compare…

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An Influencer Marketing Abstract

With the growth and evolution of social media outlets, the advertising industry must find ways to adapt and change in order to continue reaching customers. As a result, the concept of influencer marketing is covered in this thesis, because since it is word of mouth, customers are much more likely…

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Product, costs, position and promotion are the four pp of marketing. The product is a tangible product or service that tends to meet particular consumer requirements (Russell, 2010). Goal is one of the world’s leading discount stores. Store offerings include food, clothes and accessory, pet shops, offices, gardening supplies, housing…

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About Memorandum

Emerging trends show that websites are an important element and the most recent frontier for companies to thrive. A good website must comply with four main elements in order to help its parent business succeed. The following are: Accessibility: How mobile and disabled users can access the site Experience –…

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Marketing Plan for Airbnb

This group report intends to explore Airbnb’s micro and macro environment and develop an efficient combined marketing plan to permit the company to seek growth in the Australian market. The plan’s conclusions show that Airbnb has several competitors in this country, notably, Expedia, Stayz, and Priceline Group. The paper…

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Why is there no supply curve in the monopolist

A supply curve provides the ratio of costs to the quantity provided for each price. It is usually sloping upwards, i.e. it has a fantastic connection with product costs. The company can determine the charge for selling its products in the case of a monopoly. The monopoly maximized revenue for…

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