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Gymmys Kitchen Business Plan

The report contains a proposal of a business plan for Gymmys Kitchen takeaway. The establishment which will be designing healthy meals in addition to provision of meal delivery services to various destinations in Macau. The aim of the business is to deliver delicious food which is natural and has low...

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Operations Management of an eSports Gaming Company

Managing the operations of a newly established organization is very challenging and perplexing. Executive leaders administering the proposed activities may have to face several unexpected situations. In this context, it is necessary for the whole staffs to remain committed to their duties and fulfil their responsibilities for the achievement of...

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Risk Analysis of a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company

The non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) company for this study will be Motivated Energy Drinks Motivated Energy Drink produces a new form of energy drink known as Danone with a reduced amount of caffeine and with ingredients from local farmers. The firms pay much attention to marketing to create the brand image. Danone...

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Employee Relationships in Dream Massage

The success of a business entity largely depends on the relationship that exists between the management and employees. Happy employees are more productive compared to workers who feel that their rights and privileges are not provided adequately by the employer (Pagnattaro, Cahoy, Magid, Reed, Shedd, 2016). As such, employers must...

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Business Model Canvas

Company executives need to be aware of how the Business Model Canvas (BMC) helps to focus the business on key strategic elements that define the course of the organization, and that have the most impact in regards to growth development. Besides, the visual nature of BMC needs to be understood...

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A Business Gap in Tampa Bay

I found a business gap in Tampa Bay, Florida. According to research, permanent makeup services are much lucrative than other businesses. Permanent makeups involve the application of cosmetic techniques that makes the dermis to be pigmented forever. The official name of my business is Village Green Ave which is located...

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Obama Leadership Style and Achievements

According to Glary (2012), leadership is an art where one person (a leader) inspires and motivates their subjects to work towards a certain goal. Some leaders such as Obama have been successful in achieving this endeavor through his integration and engagement of his subjects. Obama’s success at leadership is evident...

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My E-commerce Experience

The 5th Annual E-commerce Expo & Conference The 5th Annual E-commerce Expo & Conference will be held in Brooklyn, New York, on 6th February 2018. The event to be chaired by Amazon and E-tail aims at educating people on E-commerce, business development, and sales efficiency (“E-commerce 5th Annual Conference and Expo...

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Business Plan Assignment

Provide background information on the causes of business failure Highlight some of the trends that have been witnessed and deemed to contribute to business failure Identify possible remedies to business failure by discussing the role of management in the decision-making process II. Objectives of the Study Understand the aim of having...

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Sugary Drinks Marketing to Children is Immoral

Different ethical principles Different ethical principles guide people on what they should do at any given time, and in different situations. One of the areas where companies have often faced challenges is targeting children with sugary drinks during adverts. At a tender age, children should be subjected to healthy foods that...

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Strategic Plan for Cross Senior Homes

An action plan An action plan refers to a detail of several steps that an organization takes to enable it to fulfill certain preset objectives (Handley, et al., 2006).This paper thereby creates an action plan for the implementation of the strategic plan within the following three years. Objectives to improve profitability and...

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The Role of Leadership in National Development

Authority Should Replace Leadership “Authority should replace leadership,” those were words said by Marvin Bower in 1997 when he authored The Will to Lead: Running a Business with a Network of Leaders. Being in authority requires the capabilities and skills of a leader. The leader should portray characteristics that the community...

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