Essays on Superstition

The Use of Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare's Plays

In the annals of theater, the paranormal and witchcraft have been recurring themes. Numerous plays have dealt with problems related to ghosts, wizards, witches, magic, and other mysticisms throughout the history of literature. (Gibson, 1). In literature, the supernatural has typically been portrayed in two different forms. It is first...

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Medicine Men or Curanderos

According to the most literal dictionary definition, medicine men or curanderos are superstitious traditional Native healers found in the American hemisphere and Mediterranean Europe. They originated from the blending of Native American and old European folklore. Even in this day and age, people believe in them and their magical ability....

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Patrons, Deities and People in Mesoamerica

As a supernatural creature that is considered holy or heavenly, a deity can be described. In other examples, a diet is viewed predominantly by the polytheistic faith, which is the presence of many gods, as a deity or goddess or something valued as heavenly. In some cases, diets are characterized...

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