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why we should Cook at Home

People go out with their friends to consume food that other people have cooked, which has become a common habit around the world (Tiwari et al., 618). People typically spend a lot of money on opulent restaurants and fast food, popcorn, and hot dogs at the movies (Mills et al.,…

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Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is a nineteen-year-old man who has been engaged as a result of his previous encounters. At the age of six, he witnessed his mother’s murder by his father, Harry Graham, an enraged alcoholic. Jimmy’s testimony aided in the conviction of his father. Jimmy’s rage often appears as passive-aggressive…

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The Book of Unknown American

Maribel and her parents travel from Patzcuaro, Mexico, to Delaware, United States, in search of a special school, according to Cristina Henriquez’s novel The Book of Unknown American. Maribel’s brain injury prompted the family to relocate to the United States in search of special education. They arrived in the United…

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Manual Labor Jobs

There is something to be said about those of us who prefer manual labor jobs to convenient desk jobs, such as serving as a railroad conductor. Manual labor gives us a sense of accomplishment that we don’t get from sitting at a desk in an office. Although working in an…

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Definition of Friends

People are met in life through social interactions, and some of them become friends. Friends benefit each other by interacting with each other on various occasions. Friendships are built on the foundation of social skills, which allow one to interact with others and identify potential friends. People make friends in…

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The Strange Case

What are his motives for wanting to unleash a wicked second self? Because it appears as though Hyde takes over and Jekyll seems to change barring using the potion, he is becoming smaller while Hyde’s stature is growing. Jekyll longs for his former existence where he had friends and was…

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The Shrek Movie and 2nd Film

A popular animated film, Shrek stars Mike Meyers as the ogre Shrek. The main character is a lovable ogre, who lives in a bubbling soupy swamp with horns for ears. The movie is an adventure, and it is a family favourite. The plot centers around Shrek’s quest to rescue a…

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Most and Least Comfortable Times

I am more at ease using words with family members and least at ease with outsiders. A feeling of identity and togetherness is also provided by family members and close friends. They are not out to criticize what I say, but rather to hear it and react appropriately. They can…

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news and social media

Since social media launched, millions of people were captivated by the facilitation of global interactions. In addition, people can talk and make ties with long-lost relatives. They could communicate with partners, get business partners or life partners, make new business contacts with just a touch. However, despite the innovation, people…

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Descriptive Writing

I used to love going on trips with my friends when I was younger. Staying at home and doing the same old tasks was always tedious, and I yearned for an opportunity to get out of the house and do something different. Unfortunately, those chances were few and far between….

Words: 1902

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The meaning of being a man

The narrator and his friends struggle to understand the meaning of being a man. They comply with the common misconception of being a man in that they try to take the whole thing from their fathers. Being a man according to them is having bulging muscles and being tough. One…

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is too much emphasis being place by americans on being happy?

Americans are completely preoccupied with pleasure. Americans devote more time and money than any other country on the planet in search of pleasure. Despite this, they are ranked as the least happy and most nervous individuals in the developing world. Americans are constantly bombarded with optimism tips these days, thanks…

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