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A friend is an important person in every human being. It’s a individual who you will always count on in every scenario of life. They will always be there even in time of struggle. Real friends are always encouraging, and they supply moral support when needed .in addition a appropriate and genuine friend will try to entertain in a time of loneliness. They will additionally be ready to support and defend if they hear different people discuss their friends. Good friends in no way discuss others. Friends are divided into different categories such as, faculty mates, work mate, social workers, etc. but there is one who you give all your trust and is aware of everything concerning your life including your secrets. A good friend will never expose their friends secret and will provide advice if need be. A good friend cannot be measured in time basis and are also very rare to find thus goes the saying, “a good friend is one in a million.” Nonetheless, most friends share common characteristic but there is three main qualities that every good friend should have, and that is loyalty, honesty, and caring.


Loyal friends will never support any wrong doing. A good loyal friend will focus your attention on positive and meaningful things in a constructive way and give reasons as well. They will differentiate the right from the wrong thus saving your concerns and interests. What differentiates a loyal and an ordinary friend is that despite their downfalls, they always have a good reason for being vital and fundamental. They don’t have to agree or support everything their friend says but they will still insist on knowing the real truth. Friends that are loyal are not determined by their race, color, social discrimination and even religion. A good friend will love your personality and respect you for whom you are. (Pittman, 342) For instance, white friends could have black friends whom they care for and even admire despite their races. A loyal friend support is immeasurable and will always be on your side and provide everything that you need in any circumstance. They don’t demand payback however much they support you.


Good friends are a precious asset in a person’s life.thy could be many but an outstanding, honest friend is the best of all. An honest friend is the best companion ever with whom you can share all your happiness and even disappointments plus challenges freely. They are truthful and straight forward in both their actions and words and thus very desirable. They will not hesitate to correct you if anything wrong is done as lying is not one of their traits. They don’t keep secrets that could harm, and they have an open mind just like a mirror. Honest friends re dependable for right guidance and emotional support in relationship subjects and even career. (Bobrow, 366)An honest friend will point out their feelings towards the issue whether you are in support of it or not. Good friends never change, and their honesty reflects their inner soul which is always pure. They are outspoken and might save you from embarrassment. Their loyalty gives the sense of safety whenever close to them. They care, encourage, guide and prevent you from making a wrong move by giving the right advice.


Good friends will always care. Caring is a personal commitment to providing emotional support to others. They are genuine, loving, kind and tender. Caring friends understands your situation and feelings and respond accordingly. They are not judgmental and accepts their friend’s choices regardless the circumstances. Sharing problems with them become secure, and their listening skill allows fluent and open thoughts. They are very supportive in bad times and provide advisory and encouraging words when needed. Caring is an emotional investment, and real friends will always encourage us to make the right choices. Good friends are compassionate and help others when the need occurs. Also, caring is not only showing concern for others but also make others feel happy and not lonely. They make a friend feel better and even more enthusiastic to face the challenges in life. No one can leave without a caring friend who appreciates them for whom they are. Good friends always provide what is needed without questioning and at the right moments giving assurance of safety to the affected one. Caring promotes love which is essential in every relationship.

In conclusion, good friends’ posses many character traits such as loving, caring, kind, honest, friendly, trustworthy, happy and much more but they will always generate friendly good thought, promote good actions, encourage good words and promote a loving atmosphere which leads to a safe and healthy relationship. They help in achieving the important goals in life and are realistic in whichever advice they give to ensure you are trailing in the right path. They are persistent and reliable, and this symbolizes their willingness to accomplish an everlasting happy relationship. They establish a strong base that is reliable and makes it easy to deal with any frustrating problem by providing the best solution ever. Therefore it’s important to treasure and preserve our good friends at all time.

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