Essays on Communication

Women’s friendship

Women’s friendship has become an attractive subject for research. Researchers like Mjaavatn, Frostad, and Pijl (2016) have tried to establish the friendship patterns of women. Friendships are classified into cross-sex friendship which is characterized by individuals of opposite sex becoming friends and same-sex friendship that is associated with establishment of...

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SWOT analysis Walmart

Walmart is the world’s leading retail company. It markets and operates as a discount chain. The firm was Sam Walton founded firm and he had an approach of selling products at the cheapest price in the market, thus cutting down his profit margin, but chose to depend on large sales...

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The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior in Tourism Industry

There is a phenomenal success of social media regarding adoption and usage levels. They cause standard swing: for instance, how they segment ideas, how brands have involved with them, goods and businesses, and even how persons connect and connect with each other. Furthermore, significant customer knowledge is developed by social...

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UK Railways Train Suppliers

The U.K Railways Industry is dominated by many railways companies that depend on train suppliers to continue operating smoothly. The number of train suppliers is low when compared to the number of railway companies in the industry. The industry cannot substitute trains with any other mode of transportation. This gives...

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Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Communication

Social Media and Communication Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. It has offered a platform that enables us to instantaneously express our experiences and thoughts with relatives, peers as well as strangers globally. One of its benefits is that it allows sharing of information with a large number of...

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The Role of Media in Protests

Protests and the Influence of Media Protests are often employed by people in different parts of the world as a measure of expression, for their voices to be heard. The dissertation looks into how protests work and whether the media has the capacity to influence their overall outcome. The study does...

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The Importance of Being a Polyglot

Polyglotism can referbe referred to as the knowledge and comprehension of several languages. Therefore a polyglot is an individual who understands and can also effectively commutate in several languages (Hemphill 1971, p.12).Wagner, R.F., 2018). Much importance could be associated with being a polyglot most especially in thea job market and...

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The Effects of Social Media Addiction on Young Adults

Obsession with smartphones and the social media can greatly affect stress levels and one’s relationships. Roberts (2016) argues that behavioral and substance addictions to social media can be categorized into six groups namely; tolerance, salience, conflict, euphoria, relapse and withdrawal symptoms. According to Dallas (2016), internet addiction is linked to mental...

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Visual Brand Communication on Instagram

In the modern world, technology has greatly improved the way in which people communicate, shaping the approaches that organizations adopt to communicate their brands to the outside world especially to their existing and potential customers respectively. On social media, various platforms have been embraced by corporations in communicating their brands...

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The Conflict Between Georgia And Abkhazia

Georgia-Abkhaz Conflict Georgia is a nation found at the intersection between Asian and Europe which was formerly a member of the Soviet Union with its capital at Tbilisi. The official languages are Georgian and Abkhaz. On the other end, the republic of Abkhazia, a de facto state, is located in the...

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The Importance of Doctor/Patient Communication

Dr. Danielle Ofri on the Importance of Effective Doctor-Patient Communication Dr. Danielle Ofri is correct to state that the single most powerful diagnostic tool remains the doctor/patient effective communication. Speaking at Mayo Clinic in 2017, on closing the gap between a doctor and a patient, she insists that in order for...

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A Study of the Effectiveness of Product Placement in the Media in Relation to Mass Consumption

Data Analysis The study involved a total of 184 respondents, with the majority of them aged 18-24 years old. At 44.57 per cent, this age group is the leading age group within the total population of respondents in terms of mobile phone ownership. As illustrated in figure 1 below, the second...

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