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The Generation Gap between Millennials and Baby Boomers

Sam McRoberts in his article focus on cognitive biases, which are more likely to impact the life of the millennials. According to Sam, cognitive biases are not innately generational, and thus individuals from a given generation have a low probability of experiencing the cognitive biases of another group. Sam notes...

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Population Aging and Cultural Diversity in Australia

Population aging refers to increasing median age of a region’s population contributed by rising expectancy and declining fertility rates (Kulik et al, 2014). There has been an exponential growth of the aging population in Australia over the decades driven by remarkable advances in birth control, medicine, and healthcare. However, its...

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Consumption of Goods and Services

Technological advances have led to immense changes in consumption pattern which is accompanied by the cause of concern and intriguing possibilities. The numerous changes in consumption pattern have a considerable effect on employment, business models, and the society. Businesses today are forced to move swiftly to introduce new models and...

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Doctor-Patient Relationship and Satisfaction

This research paper reviews the evolution of the patient-doctor relationship; it mainly focuses on the possible factors that have caused the shifting of this relationship. Many patients are not satisfied with the relationship that they have with their doctors, possible factors could be the gap between generations, medical technological advancement,...

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The Generation Gap

Admittedly, the world is experiencing a generational overhaul as people continue ageing every day. With modernization as the dominant driving force of the generational change, many aspects of life remain unsettled due to the changing preferences and traditions with each coming generation. The dawning of a new age implies that...

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The Impact of Smartphones on Children

In the article narrated by Jean M. Twenge, she tries to persuade the audience with a few arguments as to why smartphones have destroyed today’s children. Specifically Jean states that the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, and when high schools were given the iPads in 2010, she coins that...

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The Roots of Generational Distrust

Causes of Generational Distrust There can be distrust between generations which can be caused by different factors. The social trust among the millennials is not the same as the trust they have with the older generations. There is some distrust which is evident in the between people from different generations since...

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The Generation Gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials

Distinct Generations Distinct generations, that is - the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, hold different values, ideas, ways of doing things as well as communicating to each other. Millennials and Technology Millennials - also known as Generation Y - a cohort born in 80s/90s, is a generation that has been characterized by...

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Generational Differences

Human generations have experienced technological evolution in recent decades which has shaped the generational differences. The rise is different generations can be grouped into traditionalist, baby boomers, Generation X and Millennial. It is, however, bets to understand the influence of technology in the rise of these different generations. We must...

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Challenges Baby Boomers Face

Baby boomers are the demographic cohort following the selected generation and preceding generation and are always associated with high birth rates. Baby boomers were born in the year between 1946 and 1954, and as they grow older, they were faced with a lot of challenges including financial problems, health problem,...

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Millennials: The Me-Me-Me Generation

Millenials are the greatest generation by number and even influence. However, many studies claim they are not great by virtue as they are overconfident and narcissistic which is viewed negatively. On the other hand, as other researches show that being obnoxious and having too high self-esteem leads a path to...

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Millennials and the Future of America

Millennial Will Determine the Future Economy Despite the fact that there are increasing criticisms from various individuals that claim millennial is not as productive as they are said to be, in the near future, this special group of people will be the sole determinant of the world's economy. According to a...

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