Essays on Listening

Why communication is Important

Communication skills—listening and speaking—are essential for an individual’s (especially a student’s) personal, career, and academic performance. In reality, most classroom processes are taught orally by teachers to students. Students with poor listening abilities do not benefit from any of the instruction given to them. As a result, their problems are…

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Communication is the act of sharing information between two or more parties in either verbal, written, or nonverbal ways. Listening, chatting, and reading both contribute to the transmission of information. It has progressed over the years from primitive means of contact. The development is due to recent technological advancements, which…

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About Listening skills

Great listening skills are a key aspect of good conversation. Listening is also mistaken with hearing, so it is important to remember that listening is a talent and hearing is a physical capacity (Barclay, 2012). By listening, one can make sense of and understand the context behind the sentences. With…

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Reflection on syllabus

The syllabus had some goals that the students had to meet during the semester. I managed to achieve a higher percentage of the benchmarks based on how well educated I am about the elements of the syllabus that we discussed this semester. There are two big targets I’ve reached that…

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In communication, there exist many types of listening most of which depend on the recall and retention aspects

In conversation, there are several ways of listening, most of which rely, as a matter of fact, on the memory and retention aspects; the paper would seek to include an overview of four types of listening: empathetic, critical, informative and discriminatory. Informational listening can be described as the method of…

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According to Hybels (2014), communication is characterized as a mechanism through which knowledge is shared between individuals via a common set of signals, signs or behavior (63). In other words, it is the art of conveying signals from one object, person or location to another by verbal or non-verbal cues,…

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about podcasts

Podcasts have increasingly appeared, which is why they are now a traditional means of contact. Podcasting primarily includes audio files that are transmitted through RSS. Podcasts have turned out to be a tool for promoting connectivity and marketing in industries. Podcasting can also be seen in comedy sketches, song demos,…

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Nonverbal Cues Used in the Movie Clip

Non-verbal communication is a type of communication that uses facial expression, eye contact, and vocal characteristics to convey information. It’s still hard for most people to connect without using non-verbal cues. Such hints allow the interlocutors to decide the truth of their language and the true emotions that cannot be…

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Significance of Conscious Listening

Conscious listening is one way in which an person can intentionally be present to see and apprehend personal, and others’ felt presence in a relationship. Conscious listening helps in improving the relationship both at work and home since it helps the individual to teach their mind in listening with an…

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I list ideas as one of the ways of generating ideas after free writing

After freewriting, one of the ways I create ideas is to make a list of them. I make a list of ideas and then select the one that is the most compelling and contains the most detail. I used bubbling as a method of idea creation after listening to and…

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