Reflection on syllabus

The Syllabus Goals

The syllabus had some goals that the students had to meet during the semester. I managed to achieve a higher percentage of the benchmarks based on how well educated I am about the elements of the syllabus that we discussed this semester.

Illustrating Listening and Responding Techniques

There are two big targets I've reached that are noteworthy because of how they've gotten me through the semester. The first critical goal is to be successful in illustrating listening and responding techniques. It's an area that I enjoyed over the semester, as it encouraged me to be keen in class and to offer the right answers as well. It is a field that I was struggling with before the semester began because I had not learned about it before.

Application of Emotional Expressions

The second significant aspect is the objective regarding the application of emotional expressions that are appropriate to interpersonal communication. It is an objective that captivated me since I have been struggling with emotional communication because in some cases I am not in a position to understand emotional communication that I get from other people. Hence, I feel that after undertaking the course I am in a position to understand emotional communication effectively when communicating with others.

Self-disclosures Objective

Despite the positive outcomes that I have had regarding the objectives of the syllabus, there is one area that I wish I had put more effort and reading. The area is the effective strategies applied during self-disclosures objective. It is an important area to me when it comes to communicating with others, but I found it to be difficult to handle which I regret now since I could have read more about it and asked questions regarding areas that I did not understand. However, I will read notes about it after the semester has ended just to get some clarifications.

Reflection on Discussion Posts and Comments

The semester has involved the coverage of various discussion posts that included both videos and written materials. I have written numerous discussions based on the different responses that I was given on different subjects. In my responses, I noticed that there was a pattern that I was following depending on the discussion post that was being written.

Selecting Themes from Reading Materials

When it comes to discussions posts that involved the reading materials, I noticed that the pattern that I used included reading through the entire text and picking two main themes which I then discussed in the posts. An example is when it comes to the "Do You Hear What I Hear?" discussion post that I did in which I selected the significant themes from the readings which I then discussed.

Responding to Students' Posts

The discussion post activities involved responding to the posts that were written by other students. The exercises were interesting because it allowed me to notice areas that I had not done well and also to correct and comment on the posts that had been written by other students. In my responses to the posts that had been drafted by other students, I noticed that I had a pattern of responding to them positively and in areas that they were not clear and I would inform them and give my opinion reading the issue through using supporting materials.

Handling Tutor's Comments

I corrected the comments that were made by the tutor on my papers immediately which is a new pattern that I developed to handle revisions so as to complete them on time because last semesters I was lazy when it comes to managing reviews.

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Reflection of Assignments and Grading Feedback

Going through my assignments, I have noticed that some assignments were difficult based on the instructions that were given and the number of pages involved. The difficulty of the tasks is also evident in the feedbacks that were given on them by the tutor as well as the grades that were awarded. The comments that were provided by the instructor at some point were discouraging because they indicated that I had not done the paper correctly based on the instructions because of the difficulties involved in the process.

Some assignments were more rewarding than others because they were simple. Easier and rewarding assignments were the ones that required discussion posts because I understood them quickly. They were more rewarding because of the grades that were awarded. Through getting good marks and grades, the discussion post papers ensured that my overall GPA was rising to a level that was making me feel good about myself. Also, the rewarding assignments involved fewer comments from the tutor which indicated how accurate I had tackled them.

In some cases, there were assignments that reflected in my intercommunication skills, and this is based on the comments that the tutor made regarding my grammar and how I communicated my ideas in the papers. In one of the assignment, I had a comment from the teacher indicating that I should be coherent when it comes to the process of communication in my essay as I had mixed incompatible ideas in a single paragraph.

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