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Virtual school

Online Charter Schools and Individualized Education Online charter schools are another name for virtual colleges. These institutions are known for spending a lot on recruiting and promoting. They spend a lot of money on fees from funds given to the neighborhood public schools, but Ravitch believes they have failed miserably in...

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Online classes review

Introduction There has been a contentious discussion about online courses and their effect on traditional education over the past few years. Online education is transforming traditional education in ways that have never been seen before. Delivering a series of class sessions online constitutes an online education. Students access online material using...

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adult online education Benefits

Technology-enabled online learning in higher education Technology-enabled online learning has risen to prominence in higher education during the past ten years. It is clear that the majority of students enrolling in online courses are adults with families and full-time jobs as more higher education institutions continue to offer these courses and...

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The effectiveness of online education in rural areas

The term paper addresses the feasibility of online education in remote communities of the United States. Studies and papers are used to illustrate the benefits of online education in remote areas. Scholarly studies are checked and their analyses form part of this report. The primary references of the cited papers...

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How to balance online college, with work, family and other activities and responsibilities

I never imagined I was going to do an online course, being a young wife and a mother to a three-year-old daughter. But when I wanted to take an online course to obtain a degree in criminal justice from Penn Foster, I spoke to my husband about it, and he...

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