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Energy and Waste Management

Through my specialism in management, I have learnt much about effective supply chain management and how it can significantly impact the day to day running of a firm or institution. For this report, I shall be investigating how the control of DCU can instigate changes in their supply chain that...

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Whatsapp markerting proposal

1.1. Background Advancement in technology has brought about improved communication methods. Improved communication means has in turn greatly impacted the business world, particularly the marketing landscape. In particularly, emergence of social media and mobile technologies have facilitated customized marketing approaches where corporations directly reach out to their target customers and communicate...

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The Importance of Online Classes at Collin College

1. The essay is very interesting. The introduction is captivating to the audience, particularly the first sentence where the writer states that although Collin College means everything to her, there is a pressing issue that ought to be addressed. From this sentence, readers are able to...

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Criteria for Sororities and Fraternities

In search of lasting friendships In search of a friendship that will last throughout life, a majority of the university students join sororities and fraternities. Nonetheless, a good percentage of these students get caught in situations that are life-threatening because they are unaware of the commitments to which they swear themselves...

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Racial Diversity in College and University Admissions

The Increasing Diversity in American Society The increasing diversity evident across all the facets of American society has created both opportunities and challenges for all the stakeholders in the institutions of higher learning. Particularly, racial diversity demands that learners from different racial or ethnic groups be admitted into various learning institutions...

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Student Union Politics and Awareness of Diversity Issues in Higher Education

The researcher will use the PICOT framework to design the research question for the proposed study. The particular elements that will be considered in the framing of the research questions include the population of interest (P) which will be the students, and the intervention or phenomenon being studied (I). The...

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Rape Culture and Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual Assault on College Campuses Sexual assault is rampant in campuses and treated as a regular occurrence hence attracting little attention from the college to the national media. However, the victims continue to speak out about their experiences and the effect of such experiences on their professional life within the campus....

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

According to the President of the University of Florida The incidents of domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault on campus are on the rise in the recent past. Reports show that most of the sexual assault cases take place in dorms, freshman dorms, fraternities, across the campus, off campus, and in bars...

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Sexual Assault Cases in Universities

Eilene Zimmerman looked at the widespread occurrence of sexual assault in universities and colleges. With the increase of sexual assault cases in universities, the author looked at what the universities were doing to prevent sexual assault cases in their perimeters.  The author studied the causes of the vice, contributing factors,...

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The Importance of Academic Integrity in Macquarie University

Macquarie’s University academic policy Macquarie’s University academic policy is founded on values of honesty, trust, integrity, and ethics. Thus, we are encouraged to conduct all academic affairs with integrity. Academic integrity is thus critical for me in my coursework. Frist, academic integrity ensures that scholars are constantly able to add to...

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Sexual Assault at University of Virginia

BRENNAN, JOSEPH A., and Eric K. STERN. "Leading a campus through a crisis: The role of college and university presidents." Journal of Education Advancement " Marketing 2.2 (2017): 120-134. Brennan and Erick help in bringing an understanding on how sexual assault is a problem in institutions. The topic on sexual assault...

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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Learning Environment

Core Values: Adaptation and Perseverance Core values are useful as they help students to adapt to changes, assists them to persevere difficult decisions and be able to clarify difficult problems. The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Diversity is an essential part of the University of La Verne and other universities. Diversity and inclusion...

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