Finance Application Essay

I have a university degree with honors, but I have no work experience. I believe that having average grades in my degree program may limit my opportunities, particularly if that is the main issue being addressed. I may not have received top grades in all of my classes, but I have been able to make up for that by exposing myself to various things that will help me develop as a person and as a leader.

I may have spent the majority of my time on things outside of the classroom, which has affected my grades. Because I think it's important to acquire things outside of the classroom, I've fostered my hobbies. Also, as a master’s student, one is likely to be exposed to various environments where people skills come in handy. In that case, I believe that harnessing social skills is essential for any career success. Throughout my campus life, I have been involved in sports, arts, travelling and even music which have enabled me to grow. I can play the piano and other musical instruments very well.

I was a member of the school choir, and I could play the keyboard in important functions within the school like graduations. I am actively involved in sports especially skiing. I also have a passion for painting and handicraft. During my last semester, I handled a portrait to our school president who was marvelled at my creativity. I have also successfully managed to create products within the market which has also supported me financially.

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