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The Aztec

How humans relate to the cosmos, to the deities, and to one another can be answered using the Aztecs' vast understanding of the universe, everything in it, and how they all interact. The eternal power or energy is self-generating and self-regenerating, according to Aztec philosophy. It is referred to as...

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Rotational Curves of Near Galaxies and Distant Galaxies

When Slipher noticed inclined absorption lines in the nuclear spectra of the M31 and the Sombrero galaxy, he made the discovery that the galaxies rotate in 1914. (Read, Iorio, Agertz, and Fraternali 2016). Wolf therefore also identified the M81's likely atomic range lines in the same year (McGaugh, Lelli ,...

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About Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno was born in Nola, near Naples, in 1548. He was an Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and oculist. His theories were in advance of modern science (Yates, 2014). The most noteworthy of Giordano's hypotheses, which contradict traditional geocentric astronomy and intuitively go beyond the sun-centered theory, which accounts of...

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Cosmology breakthroughs

The Study of Cosmology The study of the universe's nature, origin, evolution, and future is known as cosmology. It's "the scientific study of the large-scale features of the cosmos as a whole," according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.Separation into Mythological and Physical Cosmology It is further separated into Mythological cosmology,...

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About Extraterrestrial Life

The Questions of Extraterrestrial Life The questions "are we alone in the universe?" and "is there life on other planets?" have persisted for a long time. Are we really alone on Earth? Many people believe we are alone, while others claim we are not.Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life In an effort...

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the big bang theory

Many astronomers concur that a massive explosion of matter and energy created the cosmos. The Big Bang Theory, which is a model rather than a theory concerning the origin of the universe, is the name given to this hypothesis. Astronomers consider the concept to be the most plausible explanation for...

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Sobel’s The Glass Universe

A selection of women who made a significant contribution to the discipline of astronomy are highlighted in Sobel s book. While employed by Harvard College University, these women made important discoveries. The book emphasizes the sophisticated astronomical concepts these women formed while delving deeply into their lives. The book examines...

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The Moon

The Moon is a celestial astronomical satellite that orbits the Earth. The moon is the fifth largest body in the solar system, and it has the second highest density. The moon is around 3.84 thousand kilometers from Earth and is believed to have evolved 4.51 billion years ago from debris...

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planets, stars and life

The origin of the Universe is explained using the most common explanation of the Universe's origin, e.g. the Big Bang Theory, which is based around a celestial cataclysm in all human history. When I watched the documentary Particle Fever (Levinson, 2013), I saw that all other galaxies were moving away...

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The creation theme

The evolution theme is used to educate people about how the universe came to be. The creation problem, according to Fred, fully accounts for the relationship between nature and its creator (2016).The Cosmos and the CreatorAs a result, the cosmos and the creator are central to the nature theme. The...

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Civilization in the West

Ptolemy and his Views on the Universe Ptolemy had a unique perspective on the universe; according to his observations, celestial phenomena such as the Moon, Sun, planets, stars, and the Earth were constant, i.e. they were not in motion (Spielvogel, 2014). In other words, he didn't believe the planets rotated. The Ptolemaic...

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The church

The Church as a Sacred Space The church is seen as a group of people who share a common belief. The church is regarded as a sacred space where people can communicate with and worship God. The church is viewed as a very holy place, with leaders who are regarded as...

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