Essays on Space Exploration

Space exploration is a worthy pursuit, and writing a space exploration essay can teach you more about it. Many space exploration essays follow the story of the first cosmonaut in the world, Yuri Gagarin, as he flew around the earth's orbit on April 12, 1961. Since then more than 550 people went to outer space. Another favorite topic for essays on space exploration is Apollo 11 landing on July 20, 1969. Then humanity started the exploration of Venus in 1970 with a spacecraft Venus-7 and Venus-9, Jupiter in 1977 with Galileo, Uranus and Neptune in 1977 with Voyager-2, Saturn in 1997 with Cassini, Mercury with MESSENGER in 2004, Mars with Spirit, Opportunity in 2004 and Curiosity in 2012, Pluto in 2006 with New Horizons. Peruse our space exploration essay samples – we put together the best essay samples on the topic for you to enjoy!


Sociologists concentrate on universe discovery. In most instances, before setting the necessary mechanisms for investigating a problem or an interesting theme. In the analysis, sociologists concentrate on the use of different methods of research to design the experiment. The use of positive, quantitative, ethnographic, or qualitative research methods is for…

Words: 1191

Pages: 5

Astronomy in detail

Observational astronomy is an aspect of the astronomical science that involves looking into the sky with technical equipment for celestial object and taking data recordings. Theoretical astrophysics involves finding and analysing the measurable implication of physical models (Kaler 300). In simpler terms, it is the observation of astronomic objects using…

Words: 626

Pages: 3

Space living in Mars

Space has always been a fascinating place to humans and space has shown possibilities of human accommodation. Humans have always lived on earth since time immemorial. However, scientific discoveries have proven that it is possible to live outside our planet. For instance, Mars has shown the highest prospect of accommodating…

Words: 655

Pages: 3

Telescopic Observation Of The Planets in Space: Mars

The aim of this research is on the solar system by using telescopic observation. But our interest would be on Mars with a special focus on its uniqueness and its difference from other planets. We plan to answer questions like how it was formed, its atmosphere, and its geology. We…

Words: 2846

Pages: 11

Observation of Mars

This research is to seek information on other planets in the solar system. In the lesson, I plant to build on the knowledge I already have on the solar system by carrying out a research on the other planets and decide if a manned mission to those planets are possible…

Words: 273

Pages: 1

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope Image Q 1) I can discover four stars from the Hubble space Telescope. Q2) Determining the range of galaxies found in the image. The image was quite small to enable me count number the number of galaxies, therefore I magnified it to have a clear view of…

Words: 1114

Pages: 5

Observing and Studying the Stars

Astronomy is a branch of study that involves the study of bodies of matter and events that occur in outer space. Observational astronomy is a branch of astronomy that deals with the use of telescopes to observe and record the movement and nature of these celestial bodies and other phenomena…

Words: 651

Pages: 3

Mars and Psychologists

Mankind is formed in such a way that the need for discovery is hard to quench. For a bit, the discovery of Mars is in the pipeline. Since nobody has even gone so far in space, NASA needs to get sufficient details about how its employees are survived in an…

Words: 317

Pages: 2

Cassini Spacecraft

After 20 years in orbit, the Cassini Spacecraft is now able to launch the final step of its discovery. The Cassini would start out on a daring set of orbits, equivalent to a new mission. The Cassini will launch a sequence of 22 weeks of diving between Saturn and the…

Words: 979

Pages: 4

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