Space living in Mars

Space Exploration and Possibility of Human Settlement on Mars Space has always been a fascinating place to humans and space has shown possibilities of human accommodation. Humans have always lived on earth since time immemorial. However, scientific discoveries have proven that it is possible to live outside our planet. For instance,...

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Telescopic Observation Of The Planets in Space: Mars

The aim of this research is on the solar system by using telescopic observation. But our interest would be on Mars with a special focus on its uniqueness and its difference from other planets. We plan to answer questions like how it was formed, its atmosphere, and its geology. We...

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Observation of Mars

This research is to seek information on other planets in the solar system. In the lesson, I plant to build on the knowledge I already have on the solar system by carrying out a research on the other planets and decide if a manned mission to those planets are possible or...

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