The church is seen as a group of people who share a common belief. The church is regarded as a sacred space where people can communicate with and worship God. The church is viewed as a very holy place, with leaders who are regarded as faithful and living examples in society. They are said to follow the teachings and practice what they preach. Because the church is a holy place, sinners are not welcome, and many people are unable to cope with the isolation they may experience when they are deemed unfit to be in God’s presence. According to both authors they take the church as a place of all people. Weber created a church and called it ‘church of all sinners and saints’, by creating this all people were welcome in the church. Weber does not act like a pastor and there she acts herself she doesn’t pretend to another person. She believes that she is a sinner and therefore keeps on seeking forgiveness from God.

Many people take the worship time and day as only on Sundays. The only place of worship is only in the church and the pastor, the priest must be there for the worship to be complete. In the absence of any of these, they believe that no worship can take place. However, other people only require a gathering for them to worship, most of them who have no trace of their church since they come from one religion to another looking for a crowd to worship. Weder refers to a church as a community of believers no matter which church one comes from. There is no specified time for worshiping God is always available and hears the prayers. According to the two authors God is always ready to answer the prayers, and He is more merciful and forgives repeatedly.

Theology seems to be an awkward word today. One can have his or her own beliefs which might be very different from those of other people. According to Christianity, theology is all about God. The beliefs that people have about their existence. It is this history that people are able to understand the nature, the origin and maintains a peaceful co-existence amongst themselves. The problem arises on different religions and also in the scientific education where everybody has their own meaning. Different religions have different beliefs which have many differences, this makes other religions to diminish Christianity and make their ideas look like myths. Some Christians also undermine other religions and regard them as inferiors.

Technology has brought both good and bad things in our society. It has largely undermined the church. People are carried away by technological things more than they are dedicated in the church. The youths are the most affected people who are going by advancement and going against the biblical teachings. People engage in ungodly practices which separate them from God and even avoid to repent. Money or wealth have been an essential move to technology. Many people violate God’s teaching so as to obtain the worldly wealth and ignores what is right. The church communities should keenly observe on a legal existence. They should engage themselves in educating people on the existence of a supernatural being (God). The most important thing that the church communities should emphasize on is asking people to live a proper life and recognize God as a supreme being. So many things relate to the theology class and the daily activities. It way is hard to explain who controls the nature but only through theology one is able to understand on existence of supreme powers. The question about the origin of the world and everything in it way also find its answers from theology.

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