Essays on Astronomy

Galileo's Refutation to Ptolemy's Solar System

Ptolemaic solar system Ptolemaic solar system proposes that the earth is at the center then surrounded by planets, moon, and stars among other celestial bodies. He added that the earth does not move at all neither are other celestial bodies. Carpanicus held that the sun is surrounded by other planets and...

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The Role of Astronomy in Our Community

Astronomy to the sector of aerospace has shared the majority of aerospace technology using astronomy, particularly instruments such as imaging, hardware, and processing image technologies. From the discovery of based space telescopes to acquisition information for defence has conversed through the based ground to space and aerial-based techniques. Defence satellites...

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The Space Shuttle

A small micrometeroid massing 6.0 grams hits the space station at a velocity of 22,000 m/s. a) What’s its kinetic energy? Kinetic Energy (KE) = 0.5× mv2 where m = mass (Kg), v = velocity (m/s) Kinetic Energy (KE) = 0.5× (0.006 Kg) (22000 m/s)2 = 1.452×106 J (Kgm2/s2) b)...

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Causes of Challenger and Apollo 13 Disasters

Major disasters such as Challenger or Apollo 13 had one cause, there were not several causes that led to them.             True – On both occasions, warning signals to prevent the launch were neglected. Question 2 My receiver get 1/4th the power of what was transmitted from Earth, how many dB is that? P (dBW)...

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Orbital Mechanics

Radius at 200 km altitude is (6378+200)*103m = 6578*103m b) At 35786 km Solution Radius = (35786+6378)*103 = 42164*103m Question 2: Calculation of a Hohmann Transfer a) Drawing of an Orbit b)...

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Evidence of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is a model that explains how the universe and the matter within it was formed from a cosmic singularity. This model posits that in over thirteen billion years since the formation of the universe, it has expanded from a tiny yet dense and hot primordial fireball...

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Why the US Government Should Continue to Fund NASA

The issue of budget allocations and the government is always a hot topic for discussion. But what if the budget allocations fall on NASA and their space exploration programs? Is it still worth it? Some people would argue that the country can better spend its resources on infrastructure, food and...

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Benefits of Space Programs

One of the fundamental reasons for living is exploration. Humans are known to value exploration and new discoveries; hence, the constant adoption of novel technologies. It is the desire to discover new things that led to the knowledge regarding other planets, space, and the moon among other earthly bodies. The...

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Alternative to the Replacement of Mercury from Phone Displays

A complex mixture of several hundred of materials is used in the electronic devices. For example, a mobile phone contains about five hundred to one thousand such components. Several of these are made of toxic heavy metals such as mercury. Mercury is used in the devices of lighting in flat...

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The Role of Falcon Heavy in Defense Department

The launch of the Falcon Heavy has been received with excitement because it is clear indication that SpaceX is staying ahead of others when it comes to coming up with the best rockets. The defense department is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this great innovation because its capabilities will...

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The space policy

Many editorials and comments have argued that the Republicans were for larger space projects while the Democrats were for the president in light of the recent development of the space policy positions of the Obama and Romney campaigns on space and platform statements. Only one person in history has ever...

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Race to Space

Armstrong said, "One small step for a man, one big step for mankind," at a time when people had lofty aspirations, pondered profound visions, and achieved some of the dreams that many saw as impossibilities, like setting foot on the moon. In many respects, the moon landing did in fact...

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