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Everyone wrote a tradition essay at least once. Tradition essays are a great excuse to learn about your local culture and its origins. Curiously, the modern world shows increasing interest in traditions – local crafts, folklore, literature, music, spiritual, culinary, and medicinal practices. By experiencing them, humans delve deeper into the origins of culture and learn to cherish unique national favor. Traditions often include guidance, lessons on ethics and esthetics, rules, and ways of everyday life. We compiled some exemplary tradition essay samples for you to browse while working on your essay – viewing samples helps gain perspective on the topic. Some essays on tradition prove to be more difficult for students, so we don’t simply provide insight, but write complete essays on request.

films on demand video by Koller

Social institutions exist in every civilization. Education, religion, government, family, and the economy are some of them. While religion serves as a socialization tool and offers explanations for natural riddles, the family structure assures reproduction and controls sexual behavior. One of the most significant social institutions is education. Students have…

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Pages: 4

Native American families in Lakota Woman

Even if existentialism was at its height more than 50 years ago, minorities now face oppression on a variety of fronts that keeps them from making decisions that define who they are. Due to social unrest, poverty, and the loss of their traditional customs, American Indians today—who still reside in…

Words: 892

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Comparing Japanese Communication Dynamics to Western Culture

Each region has its own culture and traditions. Some nations and groups have strong links to their culture, which influences most aspects of their everyday existence. People are a little bit more enlightened in westernized countries like Europe and America, thus they choose to design their own desired lives rather…

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It is undeniable that each Goe Pie development has a meaning and tells a specific historical and/or personal tale. I still recall how I felt when I first walked into the exhibition hall a week ago. She had evoked an exotic imperial emotion in me with her dramatic themed gowns…

Words: 617

Pages: 3

Africa prior to 1800. What can we learn from the picture of the Benin Queen Mother about the status of women in African societies?

In West Africa, the most consistent feature that distinguishes the people of West Africa from the conventional western conception is the power of women in society. Whereas in the West, the idea of equality is strongly valued, in West Africa, the differences between male and female traits serve as the…

Words: 561

Pages: 3

Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham temple is one of the world’s largest Indian temples. The temple, which is located in New Delhi, India, is a reflection of classical Hindu culture, architecture, and spirituality. As such, it plays cultural and theological roles in the lives of both Indians and visitors. Since its inception in…

Words: 1656

Pages: 7

the comparison

Goe Pie’s collection evoked an exotic imperial feeling in me, and I felt like I was invited to live a mythological dream while considering her ancient traditional Chinese garments, thanks to her legendary and glorious production of dramatic themed gowns accompanied by traditional Chinese music that played at the hall….

Words: 425

Pages: 2

Which came first, the nation or the state?

Is it the country or the state that came first? To answer this question, one must first describe the two concepts. A country is a culturally homogeneous society consisting of more than one tribe or group with similar customs, practices, and history. A state, on the other hand, is a…

Words: 356

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is regarded as one of the oldest epics still in existence today. Since it is founded on oral history, it is a fine example of a primary epic. The author uses literary and poetic devices synonymous with epics in The Odyssey. Similes, hero evaluations, catalogs, divine intervention, digressions,…

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ZitKala-Sa “The trial path” and “Yellow Woman”

Tradition is a simple and clear word; yet, it carries a plethora of essential connotations, including awareness, identity, feelings, guidance, and community. Oral customs, it is still real, are not normative and prescriptive literature. They should not attempt to illuminate things that may be in this universe, but rather provide…

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Mythology and literature in English

A theory is a common narrative that has been used repeatedly to justify or address questions about the history of something, or about the social or natural phenomenon that leads to the existence of objects as they are. Neil Gaiman uses the mythology of contemporary storytelling and fantasy to relate…

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Pages: 6

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) is a research institute dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait (2012). Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies Guidelines The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies is based in Canberra. According to the study, indigenous peoples in…

Words: 1623

Pages: 6

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