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Everyone wrote a tradition essay at least once. Tradition essays are a great excuse to learn about your local culture and its origins. Curiously, the modern world shows increasing interest in traditions – local crafts, folklore, literature, music, spiritual, culinary, and medicinal practices. By experiencing them, humans delve deeper into the origins of culture and learn to cherish unique national favor. Traditions often include guidance, lessons on ethics and esthetics, rules, and ways of everyday life. We compiled some exemplary tradition essay samples for you to browse while working on your essay – viewing samples helps gain perspective on the topic. Some essays on tradition prove to be more difficult for students, so we don’t simply provide insight, but write complete essays on request.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is regarded as one of the oldest epics still in existence today. Since it is founded on oral history, it is a fine example of a primary epic. The author uses literary and poetic devices synonymous with epics in The Odyssey. Similes, hero evaluations, catalogs, divine intervention, digressions,…

Words: 592

Pages: 3

ZitKala-Sa “The trial path” and “Yellow Woman”

Tradition is a simple and clear word; yet, it carries a plethora of essential connotations, including awareness, identity, feelings, guidance, and community. Oral customs, it is still real, are not normative and prescriptive literature. They should not attempt to illuminate things that may be in this universe, but rather provide…

Words: 760

Pages: 3

Mythology and literature in English

A theory is a common narrative that has been used repeatedly to justify or address questions about the history of something, or about the social or natural phenomenon that leads to the existence of objects as they are. Neil Gaiman uses the mythology of contemporary storytelling and fantasy to relate…

Words: 1540

Pages: 6

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) is a research institute dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait (2012). Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies Guidelines The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies is based in Canberra. According to the study, indigenous peoples in…

Words: 1623

Pages: 6

The Definition of Self

The Buddha and Socrates have a discussion about self-ideology. Socrates often emphasizes the importance of the self, while the Buddha seems to argue for “no-self” (or de-self) (Thero, 2017). The concept of self-description defines the status of a personality that develops a distinct theme of participation from others. Current discussions…

Words: 2025

Pages: 8

Ethical Conundrum

Even if it meant saving a dozen people, I would not seek the death of one person. This is due to the fact that every human life is valuable and cannot be taken away. Because each human being is unique and original, I do not have the moral or ethical…

Words: 349

Pages: 2

Misconceptions and Ethnocentric Beliefs about Western and Eastern Nations

Human contact has been facilitated so much by technical advancements and the lowering of regional barriers that it is normal to see people moving and settling in foreign countries. The effect is generally a blending of cultures, because whether anyone has a greater understanding of what other diverse beliefs believe…

Words: 1288

Pages: 5

Anglican Tradition Theological Essay

Many denominations have emerged as a result of the growth and spread of Christianity around the world. According to Oliver (2015), these sects have different traditions, values, adherents, and doctrines when it comes to their Christian beliefs. Furthermore, denominations continue to grow and integrate into sub-denominations, resulting in the emergence…

Words: 1944

Pages: 8

Influence of King’s Tradition of Civil Rights Protests and Public Demonstrations: A visual Analysis

This essay is a visual analysis of four images from the long history of political and social protests in the United States. The goal of the essay is to uncover a number of hidden issues in the photos related to ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and logical appeal. This is significant…

Words: 1161

Pages: 5

Second Language Speaker’s Language Patterns analysis

In modern America, there are various English vernaculars, some of which are popular, especially in specific geographic settings, and others that have been produced and developed by immigrants. Any laws of American English have gradually improved as a result of new English speakers in the United States of America. Latinos…

Words: 1366

Pages: 5

Family Identity, Food Traditions, and Social Structure

1. In my house, one of the most critical ritual meals is the Thanksgiving feast, which must include a stuffed turkey. It is an important feast for thanksgiving and reaffirming ideas and assumptions relevant to American cultural and social solidarity (Williams-Forson, 2008). The family gathered physically and emotionally for the…

Words: 1013

Pages: 4

Evaluating Your Sources

It is necessary to use references in an article while collecting ideas and facts to help validate a case and show the writer’s experience and understanding. Essays are necessary where evidence is given that one’s writing does not depend on personal experience but is based on the thorough knowledgeable specific…

Words: 1883

Pages: 7

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