The Importance of Heroes in Society

Over the years, stories have been regaled of ordinary people that lived amongst other people and accomplished extraordinary works. From assisting people affected by natural disasters to protecting innocent and defenseless civilians from evil harm, the achievements of heroes are emulated and envied. The society holds these individuals in high...

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The Question of Mystique

Mystique - The Fascinating and Enjoyable Superhero I would like to swap positions with Mystique for a day if I could. She is the most fascinating and enjoyable superhero I am aware of, so that's why. In addition, Mystique is young and healthy by nature, and the only limit to her...

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Folklore, Fantasy and Parable in The Devil and Daniel Webster

Benét uses folklore, fantasy, and the parable to make his argument in "The Devil and Daniel Webster." Notably, Benét is portrayed as being a great orator because the story demonstrates how much Americans adore legends and folklore. As a result, after the severe economic depression that struck the United States,...

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The domination of superheroes in the comic books

The dominance of superheroes in comic books has led to conflicts in interpretations and people's perceptions of comic books. The majority of people believe that superheroes are the only genre in comic books; nevertheless, comic books are divided into various categories. Other popular comic book genres outside superheroes include horror,...

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The Journey of Chihiro

Hero s Journey in Spirited Away Throughout a piece of literature, the hero grows. They will be classified as a hero or a villain based on their deeds and how they interact with the other characters. The first character usually starts out modestly before evolving into a more mature one. The...

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ZitKala-Sa “The trial path” and “Yellow Woman”

Tradition and Oral CustomsTradition is a simple and clear word; yet, it carries a plethora of essential connotations, including awareness, identity, feelings, guidance, and community. Oral customs, it is still real, are not normative and prescriptive literature. They should not attempt to illuminate things that may be in this universe,...

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Oedipus: A Typical or Atypical Tragic Hero?

Aristotle, the philosopher, establishes the standards for Greek tragedy research in his book "Poetics." He asks basic concerns by connecting "pity," "fear," and "catharsis." Why are we drawn to ill-fated characters that struggle horrifyingly? Aristotle is capable of determining the order in which events would occur: At first, the hero...

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Thematic Paradigm

Professor Robert Ray explains the contribution of American film in depicting trends and ideals in culture in his essay "thematic model." Ray explores the general characteristics of American film, namely, heroes. According to Ray, in American films, there are two types of heroes: the official hero, who is more family...

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Jill Lepore's “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”

Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman is a lengthy but catching tale that any reader would like to capture. Wonder Woman's Advocacy for Women's Rights Wonder Woman is an Amazonian superhero who advocates for women's rights, with a secret agenda of gaining access to free...

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heroic act of oedipus

A Hero's Tragic Flaw: The Downfall of King Oedipus A hero is a person known for his admirable and heroic nature who, in the opinion of others, possesses certain unique accomplishments or personal characteristics that are admirable and considered appropriate in a given environment. The life and deeds of King Oedipus...

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Analysis of Artistic Monuments

The following article examines monuments of historical depictions of fallen heroes. The 'National War Memorial' in Canada and the Vietnam Women's Memorial in the United States were selected to demonstrate how landmarks have been used to commemorate fallen veterans. Vernon March planned the 'National War Memorial,' which is located in...

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George Orwell 1984 and Heroism

A Hero or Not: Winston Smith in 1984 A hero can be described as someone willing to take dangers and abide by the true morals as properly as portrays selflessness in his act and thought. Orwell brings out Winston as a protagonist and his characteristics do not embody the ordinary traits...

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