Essays on South Africa

Economic Justice in South Africa

Andrew Bradford is the author of the core reading entitled "As Cape Town's Water Runs Out, The Rich Drill Wells. The Poor Worry About Eating". Bradford is a citizen of South Africa interested mainly in the factors affecting the individuals of his country who cannot afford clean drinking water. The author...

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South Africa high risk for suicidal ideation

Pregnant women in South Africa (SA) are at a significant risk of suicide ideation. According to a paper published by Gelaye et al., an estimated 100 deaths occurred in South Africa in 2015. (Gelaye et al p.7, 2016). This rate is higher than the rates recorded in Europe and North...

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About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is beloved not only in South Africa, but around the world. Nelson Mandela changed the trajectory and history of the people and South Africa as a country by choosing to be a voice rather than an echo. However, this did not come cheap, and he was sentenced to...

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Capturing Apartheids Daily Indignity

Apartheid in South Africa was one of the most abhorrently racist regimes of the 20th century, and it was met with fierce internal and external opposition. One instance when the harms of this rule were chosen as the inspiration for an artist's work has not received much attention. But Earnest...

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South Africa Apartheid

A situation of racial discrimination existed during apartheid in South Africa. The British Cape Colony and the Dutch were the two main nations involved in enforcing apartheid. In South Africa, apartheid was a system of racial discrimination that gave white people a distinct advantage over black people. Apartheid was so...

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South Africa's Ethnic Relations

Ethnic and ethnic ties have existed in South Africa since pre-colonial times. Since pre-colonial times, the concept of separation has been present in political, economic, and social systems. The nation comprises a diverse range of cultural languages, identities, and ethnic relations (Coertze 12). Racism was conceptualized in South Africa by...

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Travel to South Africa

My Trip to Africa It was on the fifth day of July the year 2015 that my trip to Africa was scheduled. I used to be traveling to Kenya which is in the South Africa. This was an educational trip organized by my faculty as a reward for my excellent performance...

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Water pumps Maintenance in African Communities

To keep water pumps in South African communities, it takes more than a village. Over the decades, there has been a significant challenge surrounding the preservation and repair of water pumps, especially into most remote areas. They have been much needed to serve the community because there were no other...

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David Livingstone - One of the Most Important Figures in History

British explorer David Livingstone was an important figure during the nineteenth century. His primary focus was Africa, where he sought to discover the source of the Nile and end the slave trade. The book was a bestseller in six months, and the explorer produced seven more editions in rapid succession....

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About Black Walnut Tree

The Black Walnut Tree: An Important Commercial Crop The black walnut tree is an important and valuable commercial crop in North America. Native to Eastern United States, it thrives in riparian areas and also holds a special place in the culture of the Apache people. The raw nuts of the black...

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Love of Individuals in South Africa

In the lovely Savannah In the lovely Savannah of South Africa where the sun always kissed the earth and gave way for the moon to caress her at night, the birds have been always melodious, and the rivers gently glided along their course. In this remote vicinity of the world,...

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The film District 9

The film District 9 The film District 9 was directed by Neil Blomkamp and told how humans treated aliens after they arrived in a spaceship and landed in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aliens are initially assisted, but they are eventually treated as refugees and separated. Racism as a Theme With bigotry and xenophobia...

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