Essays on Nigeria

The Role of Government in Improving Nigeria's Living Standards

In essence, 70 percent of the world's population is mostly living in underdeveloped or developing countries and consume just less than 20 percent of the global output due to lack of economic development and industrialization caused by low: capital investment, income, literacy levels, gross domestic product (GDP) and malnutrition and...

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Economic Prospects of Nigeria

International Monetary Fund (IMF) refers to an international organization of countries with its headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Its objectives are the promotion of financial stability global monetary cooperation, growth in employment international trade, economic growth as well as to reduce the poverty level around the globe.    ‘The International Monetary Fund...

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Nigeria’s Spread of Disease and USA foreign policy

In 1960, the United States formed diplomatic ties with Nigeria These relations were developed after Nigeria achieved independence from Britain. Nigeria has the largest economy and the most people in Africa. Since 2010, the United States Nigeria Binational Commission has been in place. Via monthly sessions, the forum hosted high-level conversations...

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political and economic issues of nigeria

The British presence in Nigeria, like that of most African nations, was marked by indirect rule and divide-and-rule methods of government. The local people maintained their government mechanisms through this scheme. However, the politicians were forced to serve as colonialist agents by imposing law and order and raising taxes. Divide...

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Nigerian Population Pyramid Analysis

Nigeria is my preferred country The population pyramid shows that the population is rapidly increasing. This is because the pyramid has a broad base, which indicates a high percentage of the high-growth population and a lower population of older adults. The pyramid s shape denotes a high birth rate (Ross 10). The...

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Corporate Citizenship and Globalization

Nigeria as a Market for the New Samsung Smartphone Nigeria is my country of choice for the launch of the new Samsung smartphone. Recent figures on the smartphone industry show that the country s mobile subscription has reached more than 150 million, with the number of Internet subscribers measured at more...

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Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart

Introduction Things Fall Apart is praised as a superb novel that tells the story of life in Nigeria at the end of the nineteenth century. It is without a doubt the most studied African book, having been written in 1958. (Kenalemang 4). The book has sold over 8 million copies and...

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