Nigerian Population Pyramid Analysis

Nigeria is my preferred country

The population pyramid shows that the population is rapidly increasing. This is because the pyramid has a broad base, which indicates a high percentage of the high-growth population and a lower population of older adults. The pyramid's shape denotes a high birth rate (Ross 10).

The pyramid represents historical or social change

It depicts a country's population's age and sex structure, and it may provide insights into political and social stability and economic growth. The age structure of a country has an impact on the country's major socio-economic problems. Nigeria has a large proportion of people under the age of 15. This implies the country needs to capitalize more in learning institutions. The young adult population has also grown rapidly leading to political unrests (Amzat, Jimoh & Abdullahi 119).

The shape of the pyramid shows that the ratio of male as well as female is equal

The bars for each age group of a gender have equal lengths.

To ascertain this data, one has to visit the world’s population pyramid page from 1950 to 2100.

Works Cited

Amzat, Jimoh, and Ali A. Abdullahi. “Youth and political change in Nigeria: historical note and critical discourse.” AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society 6.2 (2016): 119-137.

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