South Africa Apartheid

A situation of racial discrimination existed during apartheid in South Africa. The British Cape Colony and the Dutch were the two main nations involved in enforcing apartheid. In South Africa, apartheid was a system of racial discrimination that gave white people a distinct advantage over black people. Apartheid was so…

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Destination wedding event planning

The wedding will take place in Kenya at Shanzu Beach near Mombasa. Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is home to the city of Mombasa. The location was chosen due to the beach’s abundance of beach resorts, bars, hotels, and restaurants where all of the guests will be able to stay and…

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The IMF lowers Kenya’s growth forecast due to a cap on bank loan charges.

The International Monetary Fund has imposed regulations that limit interest rates on loans in Kenya. The new law is expected to accelerate the country’s economic growth rate this year. The charges would lower the rate by 0.8 percent. The president of Kenya moved the rate, which has stayed at 10.5…

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The Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda, which means “the foundation,” was formally established in 1989 when its base of operations was established in Sudan but had to be moved to Afghanistan due to foreign pressure. Initially consisting of Arab volunteers assisting Muslims in the fight against the Soviet Communists in the early 1980s, the party…

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Nigeria’s Spread of Disease and USA foreign policy

In 1960, the United States formed diplomatic ties with Nigeria. These relations were developed after Nigeria achieved independence from Britain. Nigeria has the largest economy and the most people in Africa. Since 2010, the United States Nigeria Binational Commission has been in place. Via monthly sessions, the forum hosted high-level…

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political and economic issues of nigeria

The British presence in Nigeria, like that of most African nations, was marked by indirect rule and divide-and-rule methods of government. The local people maintained their government mechanisms through this scheme. However, the politicians were forced to serve as colonialist agents by imposing law and order and raising taxes. Divide…

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Abortion Should Be Considered a Serious Health Issue

On November 20, 2016, Aljazeera published an article about the suffering that Kenyan women face due to unsafe abortions. The country’s current constitution, which was passed in 2010, is vague about whether abortions are legal. Abortion was made illegal in the first constitution, and women could be prosecuted. Many women…

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Kenyan Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Kenya is unlikely to achieve equitable access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services by 2030 due to various historical, cultural, and socioeconomic factors that obstruct progress. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Plan for Sustainable Development in 2015, and it included a new set of development goals known…

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South Africa’s Ethnic Relations

Ethnic and ethnic ties have existed in South Africa since pre-colonial times. Since pre-colonial times, the concept of separation has been present in political, economic, and social systems. The nation comprises a diverse range of cultural languages, identities, and ethnic relations (Coertze 12). Racism was conceptualized in South Africa by…

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Travel to South Africa

It was on the fifth day of July the year 2015 that my trip to Africa was scheduled. I used to be traveling to Kenya which is in the South Africa. This was an educational trip organized by my faculty as a reward for my excellent performance in the end…

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Nigerian Population Pyramid Analysis

Nigeria is my preferred country. The population pyramid shows that the population is rapidly increasing. This is because the pyramid has a broad base, which indicates a high percentage of the high-growth population and a lower population of older adults. The pyramid’s shape denotes a high birth rate (Ross 10)….

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Water pumps Maintenance in African Communities

To keep water pumps in South African communities, it takes more than a village. Over the decades, there has been a significant challenge surrounding the preservation and repair of water pumps, especially into most remote areas. They have been much needed to serve the community because there were no other…

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