Pompeii History – The Triangular Forum and the House of the Surgeon

Exploration and construction of the Triangular Forum are a couple of important parts of Pompeii history. It is also important to consider the House of the Surgeon. There is evidence to suggest that many people died from heat and the resulting earthquakes. Read on to learn more about the ruins…

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An earthquake

An earthquake is a series of vibrations caused by the sudden rupture or rebounding of rocks in areas where elastic strain accumulates slowly within the Earth’s crust. Different plates make up the Earth’s outer layer. The leaves aren’t stationary; they continue to move. Their movement is responsible for the formation…

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Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption: A Case Study

For as long as the planet has existed, volcano eruptions have been a common feature of geology. The same has posed numerous threats to the world, including loss of life, property destruction, and the environment in general. Super eruptions, in particular, pose a more significant threat. Active volcanoes worldwide have…

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Volcano and Moon

The moon, the full moon, a stunning figure in the sky lighting up our world Representing the reality that despite all the darkness of life, light is usually present. The contemporary environment, coupled with a generation of technological know-how geeks. Natural calamities that cannot get resolution the use of these…

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