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It was only later that I realized it was all a huge lie. For all those years, I thought he was gone for good. I knew at the back of my mind that we would never see each other again. As a result, I spent those months weeping alone in my little bed. In most instances, I kept myself amused by thinking about some of his exploits. Before his untimely death, he used to write numerous adventures for me. It was difficult to think what sort of lonely life I would have without him. However, it is clear that no one will exist on this planet for an infinite amount of time. Certain things such as death have to be accepted no matter how painful they can be.

However, I was surprised to find out that he was still there. He was right there, not gone as I had thought before. I decided to call this my new furry friend Ken. I enjoyed so much as he barked in his sleep. Seemingly, Ken was dreaming. I was wondering what Ken might have dreams about. Nonetheless, I just left him to continue with his rest. I did not want to end his sleep by waking him up.

At this moment, I decided to take a deep breath after leaning back in my chair. I felt a cool air down here in my hideout. In fact, the air inside was much cooler as compared to the one that was outside. For this reason, I decided to spend a lot of time down here. While still in this hideout, I tried making contact with other survivors by the use of radio station. However, I must confess that I did not know that I was going to find my furry friend, Ken. I heard his voice for the second time.

I am called John; I am asking whether there are any survivors. Even though I heard these statements correctly, I failed to respond accordingly. For sure, I knew that this could not happen. It was impossible to believe that my grandfather was dead. At this point, I was left with no option of doing anything. I failed to understand whether I was just going crazy or not. Miraculously, I managed to stay sane for all those time despite the fact that I have been all alone for several months.

I was the force to lie on the microphone. I said that my name is Robert Tyler. I could not tell him whom I was. Where are you Robert Tyler? What are you still doing down there? Are you there alone? At this point, I was bewildered. Of course, I was down to earth. Staying at this point, made me realize that several things were actually happening. Being knocked out made me knew much more. I can clearly tell that you are in a state of confusion… I heard this voice.

I decided to start at the beginning. In the first place, I introduced my correct name as John Green. Needless to say, I was about 17 years when I last knew my appropriate age. I continued to say that I live anywhere in the United States. In this case, I was relying mainly on the guesswork. Honestly speaking, I could hardly remember the things I was speaking about. It is not that such things still matter. I decided that there was nothing more I was going to say regarding my parents either. I can hardly remember anything about them. For sure, I have almost never seen them before. What I can clearly remember is that my parents were always too busy to spend any quality time with me. In fact, they used to go to work all day, leaving me alone. I missed them so much, but there was absolutely nothing I could do at the moment. In most cases, my parents traveled to foreign countries on official duties. Of course, they were unable to take me with them due to the nature of work they were doing.

While still too young to be staying alone, my parents decided to leave me with my grandfather at his house. For this reason, I knew the house of my grandfather better than I knew our own house. In my grandfather’s house, I was provided with a special room to be staying in. I must confess that I enjoyed staying in such a beautiful house. My room was quite spacious; it could hold all the necessary items that needed to be there including my toys I used to play with while still very young. On several occasions, my grandfather and I would decide to sit under a tent. We used to make this kind of tent on own by the use of chairs and tents. Here, he would tell me a lot of stories including some of the adventures he experienced at the time he was still young.

In one of his stories, I came to learn that he was one of the world’s greatest explorer. I felt that there was no doubt about my grandfather being the greatest explorer of his time. Unfortunately, he died when I was still very young. Precisely, I was just 12 years of age when he passed on. Nonetheless, he left me a lot of stuff because of the great love he had for me. For example, I must say I proudly own the diaries that he left for me before dying. Moreover, he also left me his shining and beautiful knife. My grandfather used this kind of knife for fighting dangerous animals especially during his time of adventure. Holding this knife in my hands makes me recall some of the great stories he used to tell me. For sure, I miss him so much.

My grandfather was very wise. He used to tell me words of wisdom, and in the recent past, just before dying, he advised me to be using the knife carefully and wisely. After his death, I spent the next five years alone. The big thing here is that I have no intention of trying to dramatize anything. The big thing happened. This big thing has nothing to do with my first kiss, spring break, or even meeting my best friends or anything else. This big thing was about the apocalypse. In simple terms, it was just about the literal apocalypse.

At the time thousands of meters were falling from the sky, I ran out of the house with no particular direction. After that, there was nothing I could remember. After that, I found myself in the middle of the lonely desert just after waking up from the deep sleep. Here, there was no people, buildings, or even plants. I was very thirsty thus making my throat to burn. Fortunately, I started figuring out where the house could have been by the use of certain satellite dish I found in that place. Even though I spent some time locating the house, I finally saw the rooftop. Afterward, I climbed down into the house after breaking the window.

Luck was on my side; I found some food and lots of water bottles. These foods were still fresh. This was the same house where Ken was. I could not believe my eyes. This poor dog whimpered the whole night as his leg was trapped under the closet. After freeing him, I searched for a first aid kit. This first aid kit helped me make a bandage around his leg. The main aim here was to avoid further loss of blood. We traveled through the desert together until we found this hideout. Again, we went out for grabbing food and water from the desolated houses. For sure, Ken was a smart dog. He could come and join in every time he saw me digging some holes. This is exactly how we were living for a few months. At this moment, anyone can understand the reason I was in a bit shock at the time my grandfather contacted me.

My voice was trembling. Where else should I be sure? Even though you seem to be missing several kinds of stuff, but you should not be worrying. There are coordinates for locating you. Just wait for a moment, I will be arriving there to pick you up. Surely, there is a lot to be explained. Pick me up? I started shouting at the top of my voice. Surprisingly, I was about to be picked up by my grandfather whom I thought was already dead. In the same way, my grandfather equally knew I was dead. After jumping out of my chair, I decided to walk up and down through the room. The kind of noise I was making also made Ken wake up.

I had to pack my things ready to be taken by my grandfather. After grabbing a dusky backpack which was also old, I stuffed some clothes in it. At this time, I could clearly see that Ken was curious about what was going on. I guess he was wondering where we were going to. This backpack was big enough to hold both the knife and the diaries of my grandfather. I could remember that these were the only things I took with me at the time of the “end of the world.” Apart from these things, there was nothing else I cared about. What I treasured most were the three and a half diaries and the knife. My grandfather explained to me that a crocodile ate the other half of the diary.

Actually, my grandfather did not convince me that the crocodile at the other half of the diary. I just think he was not careful enough thus he broke it. For this reason, he had to find the best reason for convincing me. We will have to go on an adventure; please come over Ken. Seemingly, Ken understood what I was telling him because he ran after me. We returned home. I closed my eyes after shutting the door. At this time, I sighed deeply.

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