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Writing a hurricane essay is exciting, as this natural phenomenon is terrifying and impressing in equal measure. Forces of nature are truly remarkable – when you see their power, you are often overcome with primal fear and realization of their vastness and your insignificance in comparison. Hurricanes are enormous storms that form over the water and are shaped like a swirl. When they reach land they can cause havoc and extreme destruction. You can explore their nature as well as the aftermath in hurricane essays. Humans were always drawn to powerful natural occurrences, so essays on hurricane, tornado, and tsunami essays are quite popular. In case you need some samples to draw inspiration for your essay, we prepared a variety of hurricane essay samples for you to review.

Katrina Refugees

Hurricane Katrina drove the Katrina refugees to leave the southern part of the United States. People from the Orleans were among those who had been temporarily relocated to other towns. More than a million people were displaced by Katrina, making it the largest climate-driven migration since the dust bowl of...

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Hurricane Katrina

One of the worst natural disasters in recorded history was Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane is regarded as one of the biggest hurricanes that proved to be expensive in terms of management throughout history, but particularly in the United States of America. It held the record for the most catastrophic hurricane...

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Pages: 8

Hurricane Irma essay

The current event chosen for this project is Hurricane Irma, which occurred in the United States and neighboring islands. On September 10, 2017, at ten in the morning, a coast-to-coast battering with gusts reaching 130 mph started in Florida. The wind flips boats and houses, destroys power and communication, and...

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Pages: 5

Virginia Fifield contemplation/Hurricane

Have you ever seen the Coral Springs Museum? If you haven't already, you should go to this art and gallery show. On my visit to the Coral Museum, I was able to see a variety of photographs featuring the work of Charcoal artist Virginia Fifield. The Contemplation Hurricane is Virginia's...

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Pages: 4

Hurricane Categories, Trauma and Relief

Hurricanes are classified into five categories, with category five being the most catastrophic and category one being the mildest but still deadly. Hurricanes cause trauma to casualties and have a huge impact on a region's economic status. Since low-income earners lack the means to relocate, these natural disasters have been...

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Coastal Adaptation

Hurricanes have recently ravaged the western hemisphere, causing untold devastation to those who live there. They include, but are not limited to, the loss of life and property damage. As a result, it is critical that people become aware of the precautions that should be taken to avoid hurricane-related damage,...

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the atlantic beach survey

Normal physical conditions have an effect on the beach and the shoreline. Natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, winds, and tides all have an effect on beaches. Many of these causes have varying effects on the shoreline and beach. Following the beach assessment, it was discovered that the tides had...

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about hurricane harvey

Weather analysts have described Hurricane Harvey as an extraordinary storm that has exceeded even the most pessimistic weather predictions. Flooding caused major damage in areas of Houston and Southeast Texas, as well as the death of civilians, among other tragic actions. Many commentators argue that governments and federal flood protections...

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Disturbances in the Atmosphere

Atmospheric disturbances are changes in the natural state of the atmosphere that affect the surface and may indicate severe weather. Storms, secondary circulations, cyclones and anti-cyclones, tropical disturbances, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and snowstorms are examples of atmospheric disturbances. “A hurricane is a severe, tropical cyclone with winds greater than...

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The Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country island better known for its luxury resorts and gorgeous beaches, as well as the spot where Christopher Columbus and his men first arrived in the New World. This country is more than just resorts and beaches; its people are upbeat, enthusiastic, and positive....

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Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spills Federal Responses

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina happened and was the most destructive disaster in the history of the United States. The hurricane was large and strong and a catastrophic flood was associated with it. Hurricane Katrina's destruction exceeded other major disasters as the Chicago fire of 1871, Andrew in 1992 and the...

Words: 2584

Pages: 10

Communicating in a crisis

Hurricane Harvey caused devastation in Puerto Rico in August 2017. (Tarlow, 2017). The exclamation from the president was "Wow!" "When he saw expert comments claiming that the tragedy was "1 out of 500 floods." "In addition, when speaking through the crisis, the president said that he would "drain the swamp"....

Words: 903

Pages: 4

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