Essays on Natural Resources

The Impact of Colonization on Political Social and Economic Development of African Societies

The African continent is known to have abundant natural riches in many areas. Since the Iron Age, people from outside the continent have been attempting to establish economic ties with different regimes. Resources were transported to the north to be exchanged for goods from outside the region through northern empires...

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Water shortage

Water scarcity is a global issue that affects people all over the world. Alternatives to long-term water scarcity should be pursued. The provision of clean and sufficient water to the world s people is critical to ensuring a sustainable future on Earth. This recommendation report is based on a research...

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US marine protection efforts

A Marine Protected Area A marine protected area is an environment set aside by state, federal, tribal, territorial, or local laws and regulations to provide long-term protection for the area's cultural and natural resources (Marine Protected Area Webmaster, n.d). The various agencies collaborate to ensure that the goals of marine protection...

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About the US Environmental Law

Environmental regulations in the US aim to protect public health while also preserving and enhancing the environment. Today's world has experienced environmental deterioration as a result of several activities, which has had a negative impact on human health. Climate change, pollution of the water supply, and air pollution are a...

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Because of its abundant natural riches and welcoming population, Malawi is a desirable African nation. Despite its diversity of ethnic groups, the nation maintains a stable political system that supports multiparty democracy. Due to the lack of significant industrial, processing, or manufacturing operations, the majority of people reside in rural...

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Is Population Growth A Threat Or Benefit To Global Sustainability?

Danger to Sustainability from Population Growth In large part, the danger to sustainability comes from population growth. An rise in human population would place additional strain on the planet's resources, endangering the sustainability of the environment (Albrectsen, 2013).Scarcity of Land and Water Resources Land and water are scarce resources that get scarcer...

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Different Shifts in world economy

Factors Influencing the Current and Contemporary Economy Factors like entrepreneurship, capital goods, human capital, and natural resources influenced the current and contemporary economy. Most nations are now able to participate in international trade and export due to changes in the economic sector experienced on a global scale. This endeavor to end...

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Marine Plastic Pollution

Plastics have been an integral part of human life. It is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. Plastics are commonly used by industries for packaging purposes (Fanshawe Parsons 5). The Impact on Oceans Studies show that the marine environment carried the biggest mass of the plastic debris...

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Controversy of Nestle Water

Water in most parts of the world has become a scarce resource with an increasing population. In this scenario, some companies have taken the initiative not only to generate profit but also to provide the affected community with clean water or people who need clean water for beverages and other...

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Combat, People and the World

Introduction Some people expect that the actual world wars that will be waged later on will appear to be about natural resources. Power clashes and self-intrigue would perhaps mean that for a number of blameless generations there will be a gross breach of essential rights and loss or hopelessness. Conflicts over Resources...

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The Utopian Society in Sauk County The Utopian society will be founded in the district of Sauk. The district is located in Wisconsin State. Agriculture as the Principal Occupation Agriculture will be the principal occupation of the county in rural life. The region has also the main emphasis on the utopia of the...

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