The Utopian society will be founded in the district of Sauk. The district is located in Wisconsin State. Agriculture will be the principal occupation of the county in rural life. The region has also the main emphasis on the utopia of the village way of life. Whatever the time of the year, the population in the utopia will be free from hunger because its food can be produced using the natural resources. Bio control techniques are being used by farmers and not all pesticides are being used. The main aim of banning chemical pesticides is to ensure that the community is free from pollution and all pollution-related health problems. Clean water will be tapped from the many rivers in the area to provide water for domestic use as well as irrigation to all the community members. All the community members will access a healthy diet considering that a variety of crops including wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, kale, and grain will be grown. Dairy farming will guarantee a stable supply of milk and beef while poultry will provide a sustainable source of eggs. Electricity will be generated using windmills and used at home for lighting, pumping water as well for grinding the grain.
Each child born in the community will be allocated a piece of land that he or she is expected to develop in future. Once a community member dies, his or her land is repossessed and becomes part of community land that will be later allocated to a newborn. The land ownership rules where each community member is allocated a piece of land until death will eliminate greed and promote equality in the community. The rules of ownership not only apply to land but also other property like houses and livestock (Levitas & Ruth 617). When a person dies, the property becomes communal and is distributed to newborns that are not necessarily from the same family as the deceased. With the property rules, corruption will be nonexistent as an individual cannot steal with the aim of making sure that his children will automatically get rich. The system of allocating land to newborns also ensures that by the time the beneficiary of the land becomes of age to start developing the land, all the children of the deceased person are adults and can move to their farms. Before the newborns mature, the land will be maintained by the community. From these rules also, there will be no dominant families as power and wealth will not be inherited. In addition to private farms maintained by individuals, there will community land that includes the land pending full possession by the newborns.
The education in the utopia community will be a talent-based and minimal emphasis on exams with all the expenses catered for by the community government. Children will spend time in the primary level where the teachers will guide them in the identification of talents. The children can later join the high school to specialize in their best talents either in sciences or arts. The education will focus on improving the community life without destroying the environment. Campus students will spend most of their time practicing their skills within the community like maintaining and fixing water systems, studying farming methods, fixing electric equipment for the Engineers and doctors offering free medical services facilitated by the government. Every community member will be in farming by maintaining his or her piece of land irrespective of his or her career for the sake of food security. Compensation will be uniform across all disciplines to further encourage students to pursue what they are best in. Although innovations will be encouraged in the education system, anything that impacts negatively on the environment or health of the community will be banned irrespective of the magnitude of its predicted effects.
With everyone having access to basic needs, the community will experience minimum cases of violence, and therefore guns and other weapons will be outlawed. The local community government will be elected semiannually with no one holding the office twice and will implement all the laws in the community. The system of government where the government officials change regularly and with representatives from all the villages and who receive the same compensation as other disciplines, will further eliminate greed for power and ensure there is justice in the community. The punishment for most offenses like theft and destruction of property will be offering free labor to the community farms for a specified period.
Men and women will be treated equally, and the rule applies to ownership of property and representation in the community government (James & Aaron 715). Although there will be normal marriage, there will be a shared responsibility in raising the children and abandoning children will be treated as a felony. In the family, there will be no specific duties for either men or women. Any individual can perform any duty based on the necessity. Marriage will not be mandatory, and respect will be accorded to both the married and the unmarried people.
Sauk County is favorable for the way of life described in the utopia given that it is a rural area and implementation of the rules will be easy. Farming is also a common activity in the area, and everybody would be interested in being part of a community that thrives on food security and protection of natural resources.

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