E.E Cummings’ Buffalo Bill analysis

According to the song, Buffalo Bill is no longer alive. Defunct refers to something that has passed away, so the poem is about a figure who has passed away. A well-known character in the American West is Buffalo Bill Cody. He worked as a bison hunter and fought Indians, among...

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How to Become a Hunter

A hunter and their equipment A hunter is a person who goes out in the wild to kill animals for food or sport. Hunters use different techniques to kill animals and may also set traps and use dogs as aids. A hunter's equipment varies widely from the tools used for hunting birds...

Words: 544

Pages: 2

The Foundations of Social Complexity

Numerous pieces of evidence suggest that hunters and gatherers made up the ancient societies. Nevertheless, despite having the ability to hunt and gather food, some ancient communities turned to food production. The previous civilizations organized themselves into bands, which typically included 25 to 35 people. Despite having a powerful adaptation...

Words: 1460

Pages: 6

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