Essays on Minimum Wage

The Fight for $15 Minimum Wage

The battle for a $15 minimum wage began in New York City, when a few fast food employees went on strike for $15 an hour and union representation (Cotti & Tefft 137). The biggest explanation was that fast food corporations, such as McDonald’s, made big profits in the billions of…

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Effects of increasing minimum wage

The continual increasing minimum wage since 1938 has been affecting people living in the United States both for good and for bad. The current raise in minimum wage for people in Washington to $11 per hour has seen the economy of the State enlarge severely. In most occasions, a raise…

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Impact of Raising Minimum Wage

One of the most contentious issues in the United States of America is the minimum wage (US). Different states in the United States have different minimum wages. Colorado’s minimum wage is $9.30 per hour, Florida’s is $8.19, and Illinois’ is $8.25 per hour. California has the highest minimum wage rate…

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Arguments In Support Of Minimum Wage

Over the last two years, the minimum wage proposal has sparked several controversies. The program is a statute passed by state legislatures to shield employees from unequal wages (Hohberg and Lay 1). About every developed country, as well as several emerging countries, has implemented a minimum wage program in order…

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Minimum pay

Minimum wage debates have remained at the forefront of public discourse. For several decades, American workers have posed a challenge to labor markets, especially those that provide low-wage jobs that do not meet the basic necessities of life. Notably, crusades for a raise in the minimum wage became the focal…

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Minimum Wage in California

The California legislature exceeded a minimum wage increase which warrants that by 2023, the minimal wage will be $15 an hour. It could be perceived as a positive move for the employees but the outcome, in the long run, will be hurting because it will make it challenging to get…

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