minimum wage

The Minimum Wage

The minimum wage, or the lowest amount of money paid to a person in exchange for their services, is the major topic of this essay. It is a pricing floor that firms must abide by when determining how much to pay their employees. Moreover, watching shows that explore these issues in-depth and the solutions used by people

Ethnographic Investigation

For the ethnographic investigation, the first episode of the reality series “30 Days,” which debuted in 2005, served as the greatest reference. It was a reality show on the American cable network FX. Morgan and his fiancee engaged in a variety of lifestyles in each episode to get a sense of the environment. In the first event, the couple wants to experience how to live with minimum wage for 30 days. The minimum wage in the United States of American had not increased since 1997, and a lot of poor people in the country earned less than the amount of money paid in mid-seventies. One of Morgan colleagues laments that he is making less money than he used to 29 years earlier.

Living with a Low Minimum Wage

This documentary is among the films that depict the horrors of living with a low minimum wage. It shows how life in this kind of conditions veers way off the poverty line. Millions of Americans work odd jobs with little pay and close to no benefits. The reality show portrays the struggles that these families face. They serve food, clean, care for the elderly and deliver pizza. Year in year families do these jobs to pay off student loans and bills.

The Importance of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Thus, increasing the minimum wage is important because it is the necessity for a vast majority of Americans. The benefit of augmenting the salary is the fact that it will reduce the weight load on taxpayers and the demand for government programs. From the reality show, the characters show how the working class highly depends on government subsidies confirming the theory.

The Need for Raising the Salary

Therefore, the issue of raising the salary has been long overdue and ought to be implemented. Current compensation has blatantly failed to keep up with inflation. Hence, it has led to a high level of inequalities among citizens. Average workers rarely benefit from economic growth thus the wage increment will keep them at per. America will be great again when the labourers who constitute more than half of the population are taken care of.

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