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Buying a New Car vs. Used Car

Purchasing a new vehicle is pricey for the consumer. The high cost is due to the use of new spare parts on the cars, which are costly. However, modern models have beneficial technologies such as keyless ignitions and auto-detection devices, which help to deter car theft. Furthermore, new cars are…

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Capitalism vs. Socialism

Personally, I will describe capitalism as an economic structure in which private individuals or firms dominate investment and possession of the means of production, distribution, and wealth exchange. In this sense, capitalism is characterized primarily by a self-regulating free market economy based on private property and minimal government intervention, guided…

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Stories Hollywood Never Tells by Howard Zinn

Hollywood has been very limited in the portrayal of American history. It has purposefully ignored presenting certain important events in our country’s past. Hollywood seems to only produce films that are attractive and likable, especially those that will attract money and earnings. This is achieved, unfortunately, at the detriment of…

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The article by Marguerite Duras

The essay by Marguerite Duras is a haunting story that takes place in prewar Indochina during Marguerite’s childhood. The novel describes a turbulent relationship between a Chinese man and his young French lover. The girl’s relationship with her mother was strained. She was dissatisfied with the fact that her mother…

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Why didn’t they teach this to me in school?

A book review usually analyses a literary work by explaining key textual points. The summary is succinct and precise, highlighting the literary work’s strengths and limitations. A book review, in this sense, aims to offer the intended audience a sneak peek of the book’s contents. As a result, this article…

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In her book “A good man is hard to find”

In the characters’ voice and behavior, as well as imagery and incidents, Flannery O’Connor advances the concept of discord and affection in families and relationships in her novel “A good man is hard to find.” The author continues the text by emphasizing the family members’ hatred and contempt towards one…

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How to Start a Business

Jackie has been presented with numerous options for expanding her business plan. The first offer allows her to form a business partnership with an established jewelry store owner who has a large inventory and multiple storefronts. The profits would be split in half, but after he retires, she could buy…

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The Effects of Debt

The decisions we make on a daily basis, especially when it comes to money, have a major impact on our quality of life. Money is the driving force behind most people’s everyday lives, from what they eat to where they sleep to what they wear. It all comes down to…

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The Story of Sports and Money

Futterman, M. (2016). Players: The Story of Sports and Money, and the Visionaries Who Fought to Create a Revolution. International Journal of Sport Communication, 538-539. Futterman, a Wall Street Journal sports writer and a renowned prize-winning reporter, explains how sports have gradually evolved into a big business in this opinionated…

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America: A Narrative History

It was both divisive and unifying to carve out a new civilization in the “New World.” The majority of Europeans, who were desperate for money, were willing to risk their lives to migrate to the American colonies, while others pursued religious freedom or political stability. The majority of those who…

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Capitalism is a system that allows people to make money According to Weber, a perfect concept of capitalism is that it goes beyond the desire to acquire so many citizens, including noblemen, doctors, soldiers, and even gamblers, have the desire. To Weber, capitalism was a philosophy or an ideology that…

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Prudential Insurance as an idea

Prudential insurance is a concept that, if implemented, will provide the best and most equitable health coverage (Dworkin 246). It promotes equity in health-care coverage, allowing disadvantaged people to be treated equally to wealthy people. It also has a proclivity for advocating for high-quality health care. The ideal, according to…

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