Essays on Personal Finance

Role of Lifestyle in Influencing Women to Purchase Expensive Handbags

There is a perceived notion in the society that all women regardless of their age, have a passion for handbags, and can sacrifice a lot of items including some necessities to save in order to purchase their preferred handbag brands. Owning an expensive handbag for women nowadays triggers a gratifying...

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The Problem of Healthcare Costs in America

The America’s healthcare system has been developing over the years. There are new laws such as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obama Care Act, technological advancements in health care information systems, developments of treatment methods and drugs, and access systems. The advancements are further...

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The Role of Technology in the Insurance Industry

Technological advancements have contributed significantly to the insurance sector. The industry has undergone tremendous growth due to specific innovations. For instance, following the advent of GPS functionality, smartphones, and social media, the process of assessing claims by the clients has become more convenient. Furthermore, data analysis and legitimate interactions with...

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Types of Shrinkflation

Several scholars have defined Shrinkflation as the process by which a good or a product is reduced by size or quantity while the price of the product is maintained. According to the study carried out by Furceri et al., Shrinkflation is an alternative means that sellers have assumed to increase...

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A Study of Affordable Housing in Seattle

Seattle is one of the cities that are growing rapidly in the US recording a growth of population by more than 6.9% in the last four years. It has also recorded significant improvements in real estate market resulting being ranked eighth, taking third position regarding development, and fourth based on...

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The Effects of FTSE on the UK BTL Housing Market

Owning a Home and the Buy-to-Let Market Owning a home is one of the essential investments many people desire to achieve in their lives, and typically, most of the purchases are financed by debts. In the UK, households experience various effects when buying to-let houses and Financial Times Stock Exchange...

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The Impact of Basel III Accords on Investment Banks

Over the past, series of crises have struck the global financial markets the latest one occurring in 2007-2008. Such financial crises have occasioned the need for tighter regulation of the financial markets in order to curb any downfall in the markets. The Basel III Accord was developed based on that...

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The Effect of Employee Layoff on the Malaysian Banking Industry

Malaysia's financial sector is one of the most diversified in the global banking industry. The industry comprises of insurance companies, capital market intermediaries and banking intermediaries. By the year ending 2011, the Malaysian banking sector held an overall asset base of close to 400% of GDP (International monetary fund 2013)....

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Customer Service in Banking

Good customer service is vital to the survival of any business in any industry. Despite this, companies in Jamaica have little appreciation of how important this is. My focus will be on the banking industry in Jamaica, with emphasis on customer service at the National Commercial Bank. Customer service in banking...

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Market Segmentation and Student Banking

Except for those parts in which it is explicitly stated to the contrary, this project is my own work. It has not been submitted for any degree at this or any other academic or professional institutions. ………………………………………...…… Signature …………………………… Date Regulations Governing the Deposit and Use of Oxford Brookes University Modular Programme Projects and Dissertations 1....

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Credit Risk Assessment

Credit risk is the process whereby a party may have a possibility loss due to the failure to follow financial contract terms and conditions (Bonsall et al., 1445). For instance, the inability of the investor to pay the loan and its interest. Banks as financial intermediaries are always exposed to...

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Banking Industry Cost-Cutting Strategies

Cost cutting or cost reduction refers to decreasing the costs related to production or cost activities without affecting the quality of services, products, or activities. The success of any industry significantly relies on how the organisation strategically manages its costs as compared to its competitors. There are many procedures used...

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