Lucky’s tale

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Lucky’s story is a common example of how to navigate challenges and discover answers while at the same time targeting the main objectives of the game. Practically, the player has to concentrate on the main points in the game to avoid losing out on the final stage. As a result, the VR presented a set of recommendations outlined in the chapters. The rapid movements and navigation of Oculus suggest a successful choice of motion and the existence of a simulated field of action. The permanent equilibrium and action of the player is well represented in the gestures. Moreover, the designer strategically employed the use of perpetual stability, action and attention by using the right colors for every stage in the movements. Red and yellow colors are used well in the navigation techniques to highlight the stages of the player in the VR. Similarly, there was a good employment of motion designs in the VR.

Guidelines that require improvement, why, and how to improve them

Notably, the player has numerous steps to undertake in order to accomplish the goals of the virtual reality in the game plan. The designer needs to improve on a number of guidelines outlined. On the objective and subjective reality, the designer needs to improve on the basic skills of tackling the problems arising along the way. Moreover, the perpetual models should incorporate the emotional aspects of a project life. The desired improvements recommended will allow the designer to realize more attraction in the audience and implement strategic project edutainment in the industry.

How to incorporate the guidelines into a project

A project is a comprehensive aspect that requires strategic approach in the contemporary. The general guidelines employed in this VR can help in a myriad ways. First, the project manager can use the decisional framework to undertake the project study to enhance an effective project life cycle. In addition, the project guidelines may also allow the project team to improve the elements of project management system. Secondly, one can analyze the project life span through the analysis of the various project components even before the implementation of the actual project. The project management can adopt the guidelines to help them in executing proper managerial aspects in the project cycles.

Question 2: The Witness: Why players report feeling, motion sick

Practically, the puzzles involve a number of straining activities that requires the players to work extremely hard in navigating through in the game designs. Consequently, numerous players may report sicknesses resulting from the puzzle gaming as a major sign of normative straining in the gaming sessions. The varieties of motion sicknesses reportable include eye straining impacts and fatigue experiences. Moreover, motion sickness is a common experience among many players because the path to accomplishment has very many obstacles and congestions. In addition, the perception of motion sickness involves the emotional elements of the player. A player resorts to successful struggle to ensure the mission of the project is accomplished. However, the project path involves numerous challenges that may cause pain and suffering during the project implementation and player execution.

Question 3: Short readings- options and the process of choosing one

The process of telling stories and implementing change in the society may include numerous steps. Nonetheless, effective execution of proper planning and project management enables the author to understand the components of the project as a whole. I think the option of storytelling that has the element of focusing on the audience in the environment plays a better role in the programs. It has numerous pros as well as cons at the same time. First, it allows the audience to identify their role in the play. At the same time, they recognize the importance of the play in the final stage. Moreover, the play allows effective creativity among the audience. Contrariwise, the options may require strategic planning that is time-consuming and tiresome in similar measures. This way, it is wise to consider the options of audience inclusion in the perpetual concepts of the game.

Question 4: concepts, ideas, and lessons learnt that would be important in VR

Virtual Reality employs contemporary aspects of the society to enhance creative and critical thinking among the project teams. Notably, strategic planning is a very crucial aspect of the project that allows the managers to execute their project components in an effective manner. “Lucky’s Tale” and “The Witness” are educational VR puzzles that help in displaying the major elements of project cycles in the society. By watching the two contents, one can understand the various steps in project cycles. Thus, virtual planning in any aspect of gaming context helps in the accomplishment of the missionary goals. This way, one should employ a strategic planning mechanism to execute the VR plays in the society. Such mechanisms include effective use of color, hardware, safety measures as well as perpetual control of the players in the VR. Concisely, the ideas discussed in the various tales are very applicable in the VR strategies of any other types.

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