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One cannot overestimate the meaning and significance of dreams – writing a dream essay will reveal how true this statement is. According to many essays on dreams, they are a basis for goals, and goals ensure a person's motivation, perseverance, and drive to action. Dream essays warn us that people who don't have dreams are often miserable – they have nothing to anticipate and work towards, rendering life to be preserved by themselves as less meaningful than it could be. As noted in many essays, dreams give people hope that what they desire is within reach and will bring them happiness once achieved. After all, a famous quote by Walt Disney says: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Take a look at dream essay samples below – our essay samples are determined to get your creative juices flowing!

A personal statement

When I was 13 years old, I suffered a debilitating shoulder injury that casts a pall on my hopes and passion to become a well-known tennis player. Despite several medical consultations, the cause of the injury could not be identified or a solution to the issue could not be identified….

Words: 573

Pages: 3

Best Option for Growth in Business

Every entrepreneur is dreaming about the success of his/her company. But it’s not as easy to achieve success as it sounds. The success or failure of an organization depends on various factors. It is therefore critical that the right information is given before any business project begins. This paper analyzes…

Words: 1346

Pages: 5

Juliet and Romeo

Romeo is seen roaming the streets of Mantua at the start of the scene. He was troubled by a dream he had the night before. In his dream, he saw Juliet’s body lying in a crypt, freezing, and unable to wake up despite his best efforts. Balthasar arrives from Verona…

Words: 643

Pages: 3

Health and connections

Every human being dreams of living a meaningful life and puts a lot of work into making life enjoyable. Everyone needs decent living standards, such as jobs, accommodation, and access to affordable healthcare. However, the well-being of people cannot be calculated precisely because the metrics established to quantify living conditions…

Words: 934

Pages: 4

The meaning of “State of Grace”

State of grace clearly means a pure illusion. In the context of Desert Dance, the author describes the situation she used to be in as not knowing she if she was dreaming on account that she knew she was awake. She further explains that she had a feeling of happiness…

Words: 285

Pages: 2

Dreams power

Dreams are characterized as the encounters during the rapid movement of the sleep phase of the eye that have the qualities of a vivid imagery narrative. Dreams do not usually occur at night, but any time a person slips into a subconscious state of mind during sleep. Although we cannot…

Words: 1623

Pages: 6

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