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One cannot overestimate the meaning and significance of dreams – writing a dream essay will reveal how true this statement is. According to many essays on dreams, they are a basis for goals, and goals ensure a person's motivation, perseverance, and drive to action. Dream essays warn us that people who don't have dreams are often miserable – they have nothing to anticipate and work towards, rendering life to be preserved by themselves as less meaningful than it could be. As noted in many essays, dreams give people hope that what they desire is within reach and will bring them happiness once achieved. After all, a famous quote by Walt Disney says: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Take a look at dream essay samples below – our essay samples are determined to get your creative juices flowing!

The Dream of Becoming an Army Officer

Being an army officer requires commitment, self-drive, and enthusiasm. I have been dreaming of indulging in this career from my childhood years because I grew admiring to like my father’s friend who was an army officer. Despite its challenges, I have not given up on my stand of being part...

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Pages: 4

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College is a democracy school that transforms lives through excellent, approachable teaching and learning experiences, so attending there is something I've always wanted to do. Additionally, the facility provides money in the form of scholarships that are not contingent on the student's academic or extracurricular success. Given that...

Words: 291

Pages: 2

Dreams and Sleep Journal

Dreams offer perceptions into one's present condition. When one makes a record of the events that occur in his dreams and compares them to everything else that is happening in his life, they come to a self-realization. Exploring dream content and connecting it to the dreamer's waking existence, according to...

Words: 1167

Pages: 5

Favorite Bushisms

They underestimate me is one of my fave Bush quotes, according to Bentonville, Arkansas, on November 6, 2000. As there is no such term as "misunderstimate," it contains a lexical error. The sentence is ambiguous and vague because it could mean "they do not underestimate me," "they underestimate me accidentally,"...

Words: 252

Pages: 1

The Sketchbook

After learning that his hardworking wife had been perusing a damn tabloid, he was irritated that she still hadn't made dinner. A man who works hard should occasionally be permitted to go on vacation with his friends and family. A large man was holding Abby by the neck and threatening to tear...

Words: 1071

Pages: 4

My greatest dream essay

My fondest childhood ambition was to build a robot that resembled humans. In my dream, I saw a robot with sentiments and emotions comparable to those of humans. I got my dream from watching cartoons all the time. Especially, the animation series Doraemon and Bicentennial, which portrayed robots with human-like...

Words: 1074

Pages: 4

Irrational Conclusions I have about Public Speaking

My dream has always been to be a fantastic public speaker. But, I become disheartened because of my negative attitude toward the workout. Even though I understand that anxiousness is normal for everyone, fear has made me unreasonable. I've avoided public speaking for a long time because of such foolishness....

Words: 460

Pages: 2

The Future of Latin America 21st Century

Nearly 200 years ago, Simon Bolivar famously declared that Latin America was unruly. The sea remains to be seen if the future of Latin America in the twenty-first century will realize Bolivar's "Ultimate Dream" or be sentenced to plow. To this day, I believe that Simon Bolivar's laments are still...

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Interactions with various types of people in various roles within the civil service have been one of my career path's distinctive features. My progress and dream have been greatly shaped by my coworkers. They have inspired me to advance in my professional life in terms of knowledge, abilities, and competences....

Words: 4878

Pages: 18

The mystery of dreams

Dreams are abstract representations of our emotions and subconscious that appear as a series of ideas while we sleep. They are a puzzle because some people recall their dreams clearly and some have a blurred memory. Dreams are caused by sudden eye movement (REM), which happens when the brain and...

Words: 948

Pages: 4

the dream of sultana

This is a short story that starts with an unidentified narrator dozing off while contemplating the status of Indian womanhood. In her dream, she encounters her friend Sister Sara, who transports her to a world she has never seen before. The friend explains that they are in Ladyland, a female-ruled...

Words: 345

Pages: 2

Answers at time of development

Draft Goal: Answers at time of development 6 Month Update Specific What is the desired result? (who, what, when, why, how) My dream of seeing young children learn new things has come true. Since I want to be a teacher, I enjoy learning about early childhood growth. This is because I am taught how...

Words: 383

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