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When I’m alone and left to my reflections, my mind always wanders to another world. During these moments, my dreams for the future form a mental picture of how my life should be in the future. I’ve wanted to own my own company since I was a teenager, just like my dad, who owns an accounting firm with his brother and sister-in-law. My ambition for the future is to own my own hospitality business; I am especially intrigued by the prospect of running my own gymnasium and fitness center in downtown Miami. Whenever I drift away into the dreamy world of my future, I can see myself standing outside the large dome shaped structure that houses my fitness centre, chatting animatedly with the threes gym instructors.

In the dream sessions, I also occasionally see delighted individuals coming up to me with smiles and thanking me for opening up such a nice place while patting me on the back for having enabled them achieve their dream summer bodies. As I have always been a big fan of helping others, I see my life a lot more fulfilled in so helping with the fitness training. Every time I have the vision, I feel at peace with the world and all seems fine. Every day, my resolve to establish a gymnasium and fitness centre grows stronger and am convinced that that should be the purpose of my life. I hope that my dreams and aspirations come true one day and I will be happy.

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