The Sketchbook

After learning that his hardworking wife had been perusing a damn tabloid, he was irritated that she still hadn't made dinner.

A man who works hard should occasionally be permitted to go on vacation with his friends and family.

A large man was holding Abby by the neck and threatening to tear her apart if she didn't obey when she heard the commotion and raced to investigate. It was as if she had been dreaming.

She hurried to check when she heard a commotion, but what she found made her believe she was dreaming; a large man was holding Abby by the throat and was threatening to tear her apart if she didn’t comply.

She heard the commotion and rushed to investigate, after what she saw, she thought she was dreaming; a large man was holding Abby by the throat and was threatening to rip her to shreds if she didn’t comply.

Nelly heard the commotion and rushed to investigate. She was unsettled by what she saw. Abby (her sister) was held by the throat by a large man (7 feet tall and roughly 300 pounds heavy) who threatened to tear her to bits if she didn’t cooperate.


Is it a bad thing to hate evil? When our parents teach their children to behave well and encourage good manners, they mean to shun bad behavior and raise us to abhor and loathe evil nature. They expect their kids to love and adore kindness, they breed out aversion and resentment and reward hostility and detestation of evil. But not all the kids grow up right, some parents are unlucky to have raised criminals who disdain and deride others, they disparage and abominate order, for they have an unfortunate fate ahead.


I have come to believe that you can’t impose your beliefs on others. People like to guard what they uphold and assume to be true. It is a vain exercise to attempt to change these conjectures, for the mind likes consistency. My mother presumes that the Christ will come and take her to heaven while I mistrust the existence of God. My friend solicits that her son is a reincarnation of her grandmother while I reject the authority that informs her choices.


What can we make of this intense feeling we call love? It is a passionate emotion that gives life to the dull routines of boring life.


Kenyan tea is revered around the world for its unique flavor and its complex texture. Kenya is the largest producer of black tea (McGregor). The black tea is used to blend various flavors that are used in restaurants all over the world. There are flavors such as green lemon tea, chocolate tea, clove tea, ginger tea, et cetera. Kenya has few large-scale tea plantations in the world, with the largest being in Kericho County in the country’s highlands. Kenya also has the largest tea auction on the planet in the coastal city of Mombasa (McGregor). Despite tea being a uniquely Kenyan symbol, Kenyans prefer drinking Chai, an Indian import that consists of tea boiled with milk and sugar.


Modern universities have not changed very much with time, the same can be said of the college student; a typical college student is a free and independent person with enthusiasm to explore the world. The student is usually ignorant of whatever awaits them in the job market. With an assurance that they will be immediately employed, the student is often arrogant and self-assured of their future. A modern day college student likes to party and have fun, they like to procrastinate and postpone deadlines until the very last day. When exams are near, these students switch gears and become serious, they spend entire nights without sleep, cramming in information that should take more than ten weeks to comprehend. The college student likes to fool around with members of the opposite sex. They like casual relationships that have no commitments other than having sex and getting drunk. However, the university student is also sharp and witty, with an entrepreneurial mind, these students have the energy to transform the world and change it for the better.


On a Sunday afternoon after a family barbeque, I like to watch the sunset with my friends and family as we tear the meat off from the ribs and down some Guinness beer. It the perfect moment to reflect on the events of the past week and plan what needs to be done and improved in the next week.

The bee is a magnificent animal; when you watch a bumblebee fly, you contemplate on the complexities and paradoxes of life. How does such a small insect fly and how gently it floats in the air with the wings reflecting thin beams of sunlight to your eyes as it delicately lands on the flat surface of a flower.

In a hot afternoon, just after class, I like to sit at the foot of this huge sycamore tree with its overhanging branches protecting me from the sun as I think about my future. It is especially beautiful when the cool breeze from the lake is trapped just below the trunk making the leaves to fall off and rest on the floor.

A universe is a vast place whose beauty inspires us all to dream and wonder of the future. There are very many millions of stars out there and there is no better place to stargaze than in the countryside evening. The stars communicate with us when they are moving through the milky white substance that covers the night sky.

When you look at a masterpiece, you are lost in time and space while trying to figure out what the maestro was trying to convey. There is so much poetry hidden in the delicate brushstrokes and so much meaning in the dark and light hues of painting around a smiling face. So much history written in the backgrounds meadows set below an icy mountain looking up toward the smiling sun.

It is a gloomy Sunday afternoon, and the rain is falling outside my window. The sound of the rain is so peaceful and reassuring after a punishing afternoon. The smell of the wet mud is especially aromatic before a sumptuous dinner. It is a lonely evening for those caught out in the storm and a happy day for the animals, as they jump around and celebrate the coming of the spring.

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