Essays on Physics

Energy Poverty

In industrial nations, there are small communities that lack access to adequate supply of energy. The essay focuses of Teesdale community. Apparently, communities in the industrial regions have significant demand and community engagement. Teesdale community is used to demonstrate energy poverty. The energy demand is assessed and suitable sources selected....

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The Impact of Fossil Fuels on Society

Fossil Fuels and their Negative Impacts Fossil fuels, especially coal, were the primary source of energy in the industrial revolution. Their usage continues to date with petroleum and natural gas as the main fuels for heating, agriculture, transport, and manufacturing. Currently, all material aspects of life depend on fossil fuels. There...

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The Role of Time Travel in E. Butler's Novel "Kindred"

E. Butler has played a considerable role in explaining her views on race, gender and sexual violence in the novel “Kindred.” The book is based on a black independent woman Dana who later turned into a slave. However, the ability of time travel assists her to make changes on the...

Words: 1873

Pages: 7

Alternatives to Fossil Fuel

The USA has always been on the front line when it comes to matters that touch on the safety of human beings (Shafiee " Topal, 2008). America has been focusing and grinding hard in ensuring that alternative sources to fossil energy are achieved and make the world a better place...

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Analysis of Threats and Hazards and the Consequences of a Compromised Energy Sector

The government has identified 16 infrastructure sectors essential to its security, economy and health care (The Department of Homeland Security 2018). These sectors guarantee the resilience of the society during crises. The sectors were created in order to consolidate and uphold the networks, assets, and networks in a coordinated manner...

Words: 1780

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Lessening Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The American economy depends largely on fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. According to Maczulak (2010), America uses more energy than it can produce; hence, it must import to meet the deficit. Despite offering immense benefits to the Americans and indeed other nations of the world, the burning...

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Pages: 4

Importance of Alternative Energy in Sustainable Development

Recent statistics depict that there will be an increase in reliability of alternative sources of energy by 2020. At least 26 percent of the total primary energy will come from alternative energy sources (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This trend has been established based on analysis of a pattern of...

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Pages: 8

The Importance of Nuclear Power

All citizens demand zero risk energy source, but that seems to be impossible in this era because of the threats the infrastructure receives either from natural or human factors. When it comes to medicine, the use of nuclear radiation allows doctors to make an accurate and quick diagnosis of the...

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Theoretical and Lab Calculations of Inertia

Inertia is calculated by the equation 1 below. This equation relates to the plots of the two the results: lab and theoretical. Therefore, the gradients of these graphs give the value of inertia. From the two tables and charts, the inertia can be computed. The computation is represented in the table...

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Pages: 1

Snell's Law

Snell’s law or the Law of Refraction is .Consider a light ray which travels from fixed points P to Q. The ray will choose the quickest route (through the point X, which is not fixed) and so minimize the time of travel. The light ray has velocity CA in medium...

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Pages: 2

Methods of Angular Measurement

There are several methods used in angular measurements as discussed in this paper. Albeit the standard magnetic compass has been used to give approximate values of angles, it has several inherent problems such as the inability to correctly align with the earth's rotational axis. As a result, more efficient devices...

Words: 407

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Analysis of Calculated Values of Time Constant and Capacitance

This section analyses calculated values of time constant and capacitance. The current and voltage of discharging capacitor are measured for a period of 90 seconds and listed in Table 1.1. From this table, voltage is plotted against time as shown in Figure 1.9. Analysis of errors and uncertainties was not...

Words: 651

Pages: 3

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